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Doing anything behind the back of a woman who just gave birth seems like a bad idea. A man recently took to Reddit to admit he changed his newborn’s middle name after they disagreed on it while she was asleep after giving birth. He said previously his wife had said she would decide the middle […]

Most of us know we can’t just make alterations to the street. A woman in the UK was taken to court for criminal damage after she installed a DIY speed bump made out of rocks outside of her country cottage to try and get drivers to slow down. Andrea Wilkinson, age 51, created the speed […]

Thinking of old memories can do more than make you feel warm and fuzzy. Researchers from China scanned participants’ brains, and found that viewing nostalgic images reduced their pain ratings compared to viewing control images. Seeing nostalgic images had the greatest effect on reducing low intensity pain. Researchers say nostalgia may be a drug-free way […]

A Canadian teen had a Guinness World Record confirmed this week after he spent an hour and 12 minutes solving 211 Rubik’s cubes while bouncing on his pogo stick. Saul Hafting, age 16, of Annapolis Royal, NS, says he trained on the pogo stick for about three months before attempting the record, and that he […]

A significant majority of people think young people need to be better educated about finances, with 67 percent saying in a new U.S. News & World Report survey that a personal finance course should be a requirement to graduate high school. Nearly all of the rest, 26 percent, said it should at least be offered as an […]

Sending students on field trips actually helps them do better in class. Brigham Young University researchers found fourth and fifth-graders scored higher on end-of-grade exams, received higher course grades, were absent less often and had fewer behavioral infractions after attending three different field trips. These benefits were strongest when students entered middle school. Lead study […]

Authorities in California report that a dog who went missing in 2010 has finally been reunited with her family. Zoey, the dog in question, was recently found by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and was scanned for a microchip. The chip put the sheriff’s office in contact with the dog’s owner, and the pair […]

Kids aren’t good at putting down their devices, but this is an extreme reaction from a father. A report from the outlet France Bleu reports that an unnamed dad tried to use an illegal multi-wave band jammer to temporarily cut off the internet connection at his home, in an effort to get his two children […]

A New York City couple that has been married for nearly seven years now live separately in the city, and the wife says it’s been great for their marriage, going viral on TikTok when she spoke about the arrangement. Sana Akhand wrote in the January 29th video, “We lived together for 6.5 years before deciding […]

You have to wonder why certain people even stay together. Isaac Ramirez, from California, posted on TikTok about how he set aside $360 last year to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift this year for his fiancé, Carolina. But he decided to deduct a dollar from the total each time she raised her voice at him […]



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