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We should still be praising essential workers getting us through the pandemic. Researchers from four different US universities find essential workers who receive public praise are energized and recover in healthy ways from the stress of their jobs, while those who don’t receive that praise experience negative emotions and are more likely to drink, smoke, […]

What makes a good wedding reception? A man on Reddit recently posted about how he was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding, and there wasn’t enough food available. He wrote that he asked the bride about the timing of food for the day, as he must take a certain medication at a certain time, and […]

It’s pretty funny when official organizations make a big mistake. Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services apologized after it accidentally tweeted out a link to a porn video instead of a government website with COVID-19 data. The Canadian industry tweeted the link this past Thursday and more than a half-hour passed before officials corrected […]

Women are more likely to get headaches than men are. Norwegian University of Science and Technology researchers found that six percent of women, or just over one in 20, have a headache for at least half of every month compared to just 2.9 percent of men. The review of the global rate of headaches also […]

If you’ve been experiencing some ‘senior moments’ during the pandemic you’re not the only one. Neuroscientist Dr. Sara Mednick tells the Wall Street Journal, “Our brains are like computers with so many tabs open right now. This slows down our processing power, and memory is one of the areas that falters.” Memory experts say that […]

A Pennsylvania school district plans to search students to make sure they don’t have too many snacks, a new policy that’s led to both praise and condemnation from divided parents. The Aliquippa School District said in a Facebook post last week that students at Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School would begin having their bags searched, and anything they have […]

Justin Bieber has teamed up with BetterHelp to offer his fans up to $3 million in free therapy. Through the partnership, his 250-person touring crew will have access to the service for 18 months, and fans who register will get one month of free therapy. The singer told Billboard Tuesday (April 5th), “The one thing I’ve learned over […]

This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Liz Browne owns the Urban Jungle, a garden center in Norfolk, England. And she was mortified after seeing a review on Facebook saying her workers were “toking on the job.” But, she soon realized the smell people were mistaking for marijuana was actually coming from an exotic perennial plant called […]

This is a pretty extreme reaction to being dumped. A woman in England found out that sometimes scorned men are the ones to watch out for. Alisha Moy, age 20, came home to a huge mess after dumping Jordan Cobbold, 21, after the two dated for just a few weeks. Jordan filled her shoes with […]

A ten-year study shows that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day lowered the risk for heart disease, stroke, and other heart disease-related issues by 10% to 15%. Almost 383,000 men and women were a part of the analysis. Another analysis of the UK Biobank found coffee drinking was associated with lower mortality rates. Because […]



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