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Despite best efforts, sometimes we end up with sunburns. But there are home remedies to help you treat your skin. Greek yogurt can help soothe sunburned areas, as can cucumbers […]

Everybody has their own music preference, and people’s taste can be all over the place. Even if you and a friend agree on a lot of bands/artists, there are probably […]

A chef revealed which foods just don’t travel well in the delivery box. Lizzy Briskin says French fries, nachos, and anything fried with bread crumbs can become soggy and lose […]

A high school in Brazil shifted school start times back by one hour, and found surprising results. Researchers discovered that the teens felt less depressed, angry, and fatigued throughout the […]

This morning, Premier Andrew Furey held a press conference to address the growing wildfires in the central part of Newfoundland. As of Saturday night, a state of emergency was declared […]

Pretty much everyone’s social life took a hit, at least temporarily, because of the pandemic. So it’s understandable if you see some people less frequently than you did before, but […]

Are you good at making TikTok videos? Well it could pay off for you. McDonald’s Canada is looking to cast experienced users of the platform in their next wave of […]

As much as I’d like to believe we still have a ton of summer left, we’re already into the month of August. So, when you’re not out enjoying the nice […]

For two evenings, you can dine like a cat in New York City. Fancy Feast will be serving cat food-inspired meals for two nights only at their pop up restaurant […]

A Census Bureau and Harvard University study suggests that many Millennials are not moving far from home. By age 26, more than two-thirds of young adults live in the same […]



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