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On Monday’s episode of Ellen, Benedict Cumberbatch humbly addressed reports that he thwarted an attempted robbery in London last year. “I feel weird about this,” he admitted. “I haven’t talked about this at home, because it became this huge furor.” The British actor went on to explain that he stopped his Uber driver and stepped […]

Bradley Cooper has opened up about the strong connection he developed with Lady Gaga on the set of A Star Is Born. “I made a friend for life,” he tells People. “As great as this movie was, the thing that I think I’ll take away forever is the relationship I have with her because she […]

Mandy Moore is unimpressed by the ’90s fashion revival that’s happening right now. “I’m not into fanny packs. I’m not into those tiny sunglasses,” she tells Popsugar. “There’s a lot of the ’90s trends that I’m not going to be participating in.” She adds, “I applaud people who have the b**ls to wear bike shorts. […]

To celebrate this year’s 30th annual Fright Fest on October 13 and 14, Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri, is offering $300, season tickets and other perks to anyone who can spend 30 hours in a coffin, emerging only for a brief hourly bathroom break. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there will be […]

BuzzFeed asked its readers to share what they considered to be the most shocking character deaths in TV history. Here are 10 of their responses (check out the full list at the link): –Marissa Cooper, The O.C. “I was so surprised when I watched the episode and I couldn’t stop crying. She was my favourite […]

Despite spending a whole bunch of money on gym memberships, why do people still make up lame excuses to avoid exercising? According to a new University of British Columbia study, it’s all about people’s brains. As lead researcher Matthieu Boisgontier tells The Washington Post, your brain wants you to be sedentary in order to conserve […]

Alec Baldwin announced on Friday that he’ll be returning to Saturday Night Live this season to continue lampooning Donald Trump with his spot-on impersonation of the President. “I have fun doing it, there’s no doubt about that,” Baldwin said on the Origins With James Andrew Miller podcast. “They are all old and dear friends of […]

The hashtag #InsomniaInFourWords recently began trending on Twitter, prompting users to describe their sleepless nights in short phrases. Here are 12 highlights: -Will just sleep later. -No rest for wicked. -Watching cats on YouTube. -Must. Finish. This. Season. -You’re resisting a rest. -Reliving each mistake twice. -Wrong kind of woke. -Hi, it’s me — anxiety. […]

Party City is now selling a “Ghosted” Halloween costume for women. The $24.99 hooded white dress features a string of blue iMessage texts across the front. The unanswered texts read in sequence, “See you tonight,” “???,” “R U OK!?,” “Hello!,” and “Guess not!” It appears the costume hit too close to home for some people […]

Meet Terry Lauerman, a 75-year-old retired teacher who volunteers at his local animal shelter in Green Bay, Wisconsin, every single day. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary rescues cats that have disabilities from places where they’d be at risk for euthanasia. Its founder, Elizabeth Feldhausen, posted several photos on Facebook of Lauerman napping with the kittens on […]



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