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Santa got himself onto the New South Wales Police’s naughty list in Australia this holiday season. According to press release from the police department, a man dressed up as St. Nick back in December sauntered into a parking garage and drove out with somebody’s luxury Mercedes. The flashy metallic green Mercedes C63 sedan has a […]

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has revealed that he’s a hit with older women. “I’ve always referred to myself as a second-or third-tier celebrity. I’m not George Clooney,” he tells People via Page Six. “I’m considered more of an extended family member because you get used to seeing me in your home every night. So when […]

Cardi B has landed her first-ever Las Vegas residency at the Palms Casino Resort. The 26-year-old rapper’s gig next spring will be part of the debut of KAOS, a day club and nightclub complex that boasts more pools than any other venue in North America. Entertainment Tonight reports that G-Eazy, Kaskade, Above & Beyond and […]

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question, “What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?” The thread quickly went viral as people began sharing their heartwarming stories. Here are 10 that prove the world isn’t such a bad place after all (check out more at the link): “I was at a bar […]

The hashtag #IWishSchoolHadTaughtMe recently began trending on Twitter, prompting users to share what they wish they’d really learned in school. Here are 10 highlights: About credit cards, debt, rent, mortgages, money management. You know, things that matter. But hey, at least I know what the inside of a plant cell looks like. That trade school was a […]

For one hour next week, McDonald’s won’t be makin’ any bacon on its bacon. People reports that the fast-food chain will let customers add bacon to any menu item for free next Tuesday, January 29, but just from 4 to 5 p.m. local time. The deal is in celebration of Mickey D’s permanently adding bacon […]

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of driving a giant hot dog? Well, now those dreams can become a reality. According to UPI, Oscar Meyer is looking for a new “Hotdogger” to drive the company’s famous Wienermobile. The company will be accepting applications until January 31. If chosen, beginning in June, the Hotdogger will drive the […]

Virgin’s first child-free cruise will set sail for the Caribbean in 2020. People reports that the boat, dubbed the Scarlet Lady, will only be open to travelers who are 18 and up. Amenities include a tattoo parlor, a luxurious spa, and a blow-dry bar. Scarlet Lady will also feature a nightclub, multiple pools and a […]

Michael Gandolfini, the 19-year-old son of the late James Gandolfini, will play a young Tony Soprano in the Sopranos prequel film The Many Saints of Newark. Deadline notes that James originated the iconic role and won multiple Emmys for his portrayal. “It’s a profound honor to continue my dad’s legacy while stepping into the shoes […]

The Backstreet Boys have recorded over 100 songs together, but there’s one that they seriously regret recording: “If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy),” featured on their 1997 self-titled debut album. “That song should’ve never been recorded. It is the biggest piece of crap,” AJ McLean declares in a […]



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