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Netflix announced Friday that they have picked up a new animated action-comedy series based on singer Elvis Presely. Deadline reports that the Agent King series imagines Presley as a covert government agent working to protect America, while still holding down his day job as “The King.”  Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley and partner John Eddie will produce the […]

Us Weekly took a deep dive into the many TV shows that are heading into their final seasons. Here are their top 10; you can see the rest at the link. Arrow. The superhero show will end after eight seasons on The CW. Supernatural. This spooky series will end after 15 seasons on The CW. The […]

A recent survey conducted by the underwear manufacturer Tommy John finds that 45 percent of Americans have worn the same pair of underwear for two days or more at some point–with 13 percent admitting they’d worn the same pair for a week or more. Unsurprisingly, The New York Daily News reports that men are 2.5 […]

Microsoft warned users of their Windows 10 operating system to run the latest security patch on their computers “immediately,” CNN reports. The company said they’ve detected two “critical” vulnerabilities in the operating system, and that affected computers could spread viruses and malware without action on the computer user’s part. Simon Pope, Microsoft’s director of Incident […]

With the beginning of the school year just around the corner, Mental Floss has compiled a list of eight school supplies every student should have on their first day. Here they are: Planner. Writing down all commitments and assignments in one place will ensure your student will never be able to say they forgot a […]

After 50 years of telling their family and friends that they met at Woodstock, Judy and Jerry Griffin finally have proof of their unlikely meet-cute: a photo that was taken during their first hours together on August 15, 1969. In a new interview with People, 71-year-old Judy reveals that she was on her way to […]

Lifehacker asked readers whether it was ever OK to tell someone at the gym that they are not exercising correctly. Readers answered loud and clear: 90 percent of the time, the answer is never, and they explained why. However, there are exceptions. First, we take a look at why you should never do this, and […]

Who says big words make you sound smarter? Not the website Very Smart Brothas, which just came up with a list of 24 really small words that make you sound plenty intelligent: Apt Heft Wont Stem Ode Tryst Link Rapt Rage Pose Tact Couth Canon Knotted Snarl Emote Rigor Ply Hiss Pivot Verve Grit Tonic […]

61-year-old Florida resident Larry Adams was arrested Monday, after threatening his neighbors with nunchucks and bug spray, local FOX35 Orlando reports. Adams was upset by loud music coming out of a car in his Daytona Beach neighborhood, and swung his nunchucks off the car, causing them to bounce up and strike him in the face. […]

When Vincent Peone’s flight from Aspen was re-scheduled last week, the New York-based director found out he was the only passenger on the first leg of the replacement flight to Salt Lake City. The media pro decided he’d make a little movie of his adventure. “Will the only passenger on this flight please board at […]



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