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It seems like the news is filled with doom and gloom. But a recent study published in Health Communication suggests that news addiction can be bad for your mental and […]

It’s the most important meal of the day, and kids agree! Spanish scientists surveyed 4,000 parents and discovered that eating breakfast at home had a positive impact on a child’s […]

The Weeknd appeared in a new teaser for HBO’s upcoming series, The Idol. It’s a drama that takes place inside the Los Angeles music industry and features Lily-Rose Depp as an up-and-coming pop singer. The short glimpse at the series shows that […]

A traveler was shocked after he came home to a $90,000 roaming bill after a week in Europe. Irish citizen Otavio took to TikTok to complain when he received the bill […]

Mom and flight passenger Melissa Brown was afraid for herself and her family when a seemingly intoxicated man tried to open the emergency plane doors mid-flight. The terrifying experience happened […]

A new study suggests that many people have two sets of opinions. There’s what they say they believe and what they really think. This is called “self-silencing” in the study […]

The world’s population could soon break the 8 billion mark, according to one UK news outlet. Metro reports that according to a UN study, November 15th could be the day […]

While we’ve been hunkered down at home avoiding coronavirus, our health habits seem to have gone to pieces. We’re exercising less and binging on junk food more, some health experts […]

An employee of the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport was arrested for allegedly stealing over $16,000 worth of possessions from checked luggage. Florida man Giovanni De Luca faces two counts of […]

Are you ever too tired to clean or exercise after a long day at the office? It turns out, feeling tired because of cognitive effort is a real thing! A […]



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