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Lady Gaga’s dog walker gave a detailed account of the shooting that landed him in the hospital and resulted in the kidnapping of Gaga’s French Bulldogs, Koji and Gustav. Ryan Fisher, 39, wrote on Instagram Monday that the singer’s other dog Asia was his “angel” and laid with him while he waited for help to arrive. He captioned […]

Today (Tuesday, March 2), Newfoundland and Labrador has five new confirmed cases of COVID-19.   The five new confirmed cases, which are all under investigation by Public Health, are as follows:   In the Eastern Health region:   ·       One between 40-49 years of age; ·       One between 50-59 years of age; and, ·       Two 70 years of […]

It turns out seeking “likes” on social media is pretty much the same thing as animals seeking out food. Researchers from two universities found that people post on social media in a way that maximizes how many “likes” they receive on average: they post more frequently in response to a high rate of likes and […]

Twitter announced yesterday (February 26th) that it’s going to start letting users charge their followers a monthly subscription fee for extra content that won’t be seen by their normal followers. The kind of material that would be available under this feature, called Super Followers, could be things like newsletters, videos, deals and discounts. Twitter didn’t […]

Lady Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her French Bulldogs, no questions asked. According to CNN, thieves shot the singer’s dog walker and stole two of her dogs on Wednesday (February 24th) night. Law enforcement sources told the site that the dog walker was out in Hollywood with three of Gaga’s bulldogs just before 10p.m. when the […]

The Department of Health and Community Services has released its COVID-19 vaccination plan. The COVID-19 vaccination plan includes three phases. Each phase identifies the people who will be eligible to receive the vaccine in that phase. The plan is flexible to allow for increases or decreases in vaccine supply, and takes into account the need […]

Effective midnight tonight (Feb 27 12am) NL outside of the Avalon Peninsula will move into Alert Level 4. Alert Level 5 will be maintained on the Avalon for the next 2 weeks, as there is still a risk of community transmission of COVID-19. Alert Level 4 Summary table of the COVID-19 Alert Level System At […]

If you’re tired of video conferences you’re not alone. Stanford University researchers have found there are four main reasons why video chats fatigue humans: 1) Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact is highly intense (faces on video calls can appear too large for comfort, which simulates a personal space that you normally experience when you’re […]

Today (Thursday, February 25), Newfoundland and Labrador has 10 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. The 10 new confirmed cases are as follows: In the Eastern Health region: ·       Two under 20 years of age; ·       Two between 20-39 years of age; ·       Four between 40-49 years of age; ·       One between 50-59 years of age; and, ·       One between 60-69 […]

Some nuns wouldn’t let the power of COVID stop them from rebuking the devil. Two nuns in Ireland, Mother Irene Gibson and Sister Anne Marie, were ordered to leave their compound after attending an exorcism. The nuns went on a journey from their home near the village of Leap to the religious event in Dublin last December. […]



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