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Dogs aren’t faking it—they do not like going to the vet. University of Adelaide researchers found some dogs’ average heart rate doubled between the time they spent in the waiting […]

We should still be praising essential workers getting us through the pandemic. Researchers from four different US universities find essential workers who receive public praise are energized and recover in […]

What makes a good wedding reception? A man on Reddit recently posted about how he was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding, and there wasn’t enough food available. He wrote […]

It’s pretty funny when official organizations make a big mistake. Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services apologized after it accidentally tweeted out a link to a porn video instead […]

Women are more likely to get headaches than men are. Norwegian University of Science and Technology researchers found that six percent of women, or just over one in 20, have […]

If you’ve been experiencing some ‘senior moments’ during the pandemic you’re not the only one. Neuroscientist Dr. Sara Mednick tells the Wall Street Journal, “Our brains are like computers with […]

A Pennsylvania school district plans to search students to make sure they don’t have too many snacks, a new policy that’s led to both praise and condemnation from divided parents. The Aliquippa […]

Listening to your kids is a good idea. Mom Fran Chelle posted an unsettling security video to TikTok (@franchelle0) and gained over 14.9 million views. In the video, Fran’s husband […]

Justin Bieber has teamed up with BetterHelp to offer his fans up to $3 million in free therapy. Through the partnership, his 250-person touring crew will have access to the service […]

This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Liz Browne owns the Urban Jungle, a garden center in Norfolk, England. And she was mortified after seeing a review on Facebook saying her workers […]



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