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Vegetables can be a tricky food to get kids to eat, and a new study finds that rewarding children for trying new vegetables may make them more willing to eat them. Researchers in the Netherlands found when children were given a non-food reward, like a sticker or toy crown, for trying a new vegetable they […]

Just like that dude you don’t know that just followed you on Instagram, scientists are under the impression that best way to get the attention of aliens is to send them pics of our junk. A proposal, called “A Beacon in the Galaxy”, drafted by 11 researchers representing a number of institutions, calls for a […]

Sometimes a good old fashioned coin flip can help you make a decision on small matters, but rarely do you go to the coin for a call on a major life decisions. One couple in the United States decided to flip a coin at their wedding to decide whose last name they would both adopt. […]

Choosing a name for a new baby can be stressful for parents, and one mom has a tip for doing so. A woman went viral on Mumsnet for posting about the “cup test.” She explains all you do is order a drink at a coffee shop, and then give the barista the potential name for […]

The price of gas is on the rise.. again. The Public Utilities Board has increased the price of gasoline in the province by up to 11.3 cents per litre. According to the Board, the adjustment is the result of the change in the average benchmark price over the current pricing period. The average benchmark price […]

This could’ve been bad, but turned out quite well. A boy was recently reported missing in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but the 13-year-old was found safe and sound inside his own home by the family dog. Police had used drones, police K9s and did yard-by-yard searches for the boy by Friday morning (May 6th), but […]

It was the greatest Mother’s Day gift Gerda Cole could have ever hoped for, seeing her daughter for the first time since being separated 80 years ago. The 98 year old Cole fled  her native Austria at the onset of World War II, fearing persecution due to her Jewish faith. Alone, Cole made her way […]

Well here’s some exciting news for hockey fans: the 2023 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship will be held in Atlantic Canada. The tournament will run from December 26, 2022 to January 5, 2023 between the two cities of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick. For fans in Newfoundland, that means a short trip to […]

Just because it looks like a puppy doesn’t mean it’s a puppy. The Cape Wildlife Center in Cape Cod posted to Facebook about a family that recently spotted a small canine wandering alone at the side of a busy road. The family took the animal home when they “mistakenly identified him as a lost puppy.” […]

I think we can all agree that some people are just harder to shop for than others, but what do you do if that person is your mom? Mother’s Day can be tricky if mom doesn’t explicitly say what she’d like for that special day. Well, a recent survey asked over a thousand moms with […]



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