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Photo: Walmart A 15-second video made by TikToker @Dbon973 has raised enough money for a Walmart employee to pay off her house and retire. Devan Bonagura first recorded the employee, named […]

Photo: Dr. Alan Titus / BLM Utah Would you place this dino-sized bid? A Tyrannosaurus Rex skull found in Harding County, South Dakota is now for sale in New York […]

A teenager called 911 when her workplace was being robbed…and she received her own mother on the other end of the call. 16-year-old Tenia Hill of New Orleans was working […]

A New York man was found at Disney World after almost a year on the run from the law. Inspector Jeff Andre was visiting the popular theme park himself when […]

Fans might want to pay respects to Dobby, but leaving socks might disrupt the local wildlife, according to National Trust Wales. In the popular Harry Potter series, Dobby dies on Freshwater West […]

Time to get creative! An anonymous vet took to Reddit for a strange request: stop naming your dog Luna. “On Sunday, I had five Lunas in for an appointment – […]

According to the National Park Service, it is not tee time. On October 27th, Grand Canyon National Park’s Facebook page warned visitors not to golf into the Grand Canyon, as […]

Why do some people love scary movies, while others have nightmares? The paradox of horror is that some people enjoy watching situations we definitely want to avoid. One theory is […]

As parents nationwide may have already known, a recent study found having a boy may age your brain faster. Researchers from Charles University in Prague and Columbia University in New […]

Video games get a bad rep, but a University of Vermont study suggests video games might actually boost your kid’s brainpower. Gaming can lead to better impulse control, working memory, […]



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