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The Grammys will record a tribute show on February 12 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Motown Records. Billboard sources say the show will take place two days after the Grammy Awards and will likely tap musicians who are in town for the awards ceremony. Requests are reportedly being put out to performers now […]

Jonah Hill has revealed the inspiring reason that he started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu four to five times a week. “In high school the dudes who did Jiu Jitsu used to beat the s**t out of us at parties so it turned me off to it as an idea growing up. But quietly I always thought […]

Steve Carell is re-teaming with his producer from The Office for a new comedy series about President Donald Trump’s “Space Force.” As BuzzFeed News reports, Netflix shared the news on Wednesday and dropped a dramatic announcement video. Trump brought up the idea for this sixth military branch last year. The video notes the President’s aim […]

“Hello,” June Carter Cash! On Tuesday, Adele took to Instagram to share a pic of dressed up as the late, great country icon–complete with a flowing, brown wig and an autoharp in her hands. The 30-year-old pop star simply captioned the snap, “June Carter Cash” with a heart emoji, without sharing any explanation as to […]

Alicia Keys revealed Tuesday on YouTube that she’s been tapped to host the 2019 Grammy Awards, taking place next month on CBS. “I’m soooo EXCITED to announce that I’ll be hosting the 61st Annual Grammy Awards,” the 37-year-old captioned a 10-minute video that shows her learning she got the gig. “There’s so much in store […]

A few days ago, Namibian artist Max Siedentopf set up a sound installation in an undisclosed location in the Namib Desert that will play Toto’s “Africa” on loop for eternity–or at least until the equipment breaks down or is destroyed by an adventuresome, Toto-hating vandal. “[I] wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and […]

Katy Perry has revealed that she was once suspended from school for “making sexual motions” with a tree she called “Tom Cruise”. Over the weekend, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer posted in  her Instagram a letter sent to her parents in 1996 from the Santa Barbara Christian School detailing her suspension. “At the 2:00 p.m. recess, […]

The Las Vegas Residency is the latest trend for music stars looking to make some serious $$. Following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Britney Spear and Lady Gaga, Drake has just signed on for an extensive stay in Sin City. Sources say that the “God’s Plan” rapper recently agreed to a multi-year […]

Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill has paid his respects to the family of 6 year old Kaiden Little of C.B.S., who passed away yesterday. Following a social media campaign to get the attention of Luke Skywalker from Kaiden’s family, Hamill tweeted “So sorry to hear of the tragic loss of Kaiden… The Force will be with him […]

It appears that Piers Morgan may have only pretended to have been hospitalized with a mysterious illness this past weekend. On Friday, the 53-year-old British blowhard Instagrammed a selfie that showed him wearing a hospital gown while hooked up to a breathing tube and lying on a gurney. “Bad news: I’m not dying,” the Good […]



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