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The first teaser trailer for Disney’s live action remake of The Lion King has become the company’s most watched trailer in a 24 hour period ever. Variety reports that the spot, which premiered on Thanksgiving Day, accumulated 224.6 million views globally in its first 24 hours of release. Across all studios, it’s the second most […]

Here’s some news that could even make Sad Keanu happy: Keanu Reeves will have a voice role in Toy Story 4. Tim Allen revealed the surprise casting on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While the voice of Buzz Lightyear didn’t divulge who Reeves would be playing, he said it was “a […]

A New Jersey schoolteacher is trying to start a new fashion trend–by wearing the same outfit for 100 days. USA Today reports art teacher Julia Mooney is trying to bring attention to the idea of sustainable fashion. Specifically, Mooney is trying to raise awareness of how the trend of so-called fast fashion in America has […]

The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year for humans, but they can be dangerous for pets. To this end, The New York Times just published the following helpful tips for keeping your pet safe during the holidays: Food. Most of us know that chocolate is bad for pets, but ingredients in a lot of […]

The OZFM Rush and Charm Diamond Centres are joining forces once again this year to help you give that special someone a Christmas they won't forget.   Thanks to everyone that entered and congrats to our week two winner, Amanda Rice. Check out her entry below: A tradition my grandparent's always done when someone would [...]

Ready to wake up at the crack of dawn on Friday to take advantage of some screaming Black Friday deals? Don’t bother, writes The New York Times in its rundown of how to get the most out of Black Friday (click the second link for the best Black Friday deals the newspaper has identified to date):   […]

Well, that was fast–literally! A German teenager earned his driver’s license this week, only to lose it less than an hour later for speeding. CNN reports that the 18-year-old apparently celebrated getting his license by driving around with four of his friends 49 minutes later at almost twice the speed limit. His license was quickly […]

With winter right around the corner, Post Grad Problems has taken it upon itself to rank the best and worst foods to get you through the coldest of seasons. Here they are, from first to worst: Chili in a bread bowl. Chili in a bread bowl is how the Lord apologizes for making winter exist. Every […]

For obvious reasons, there aren’t a whole lot of sweet treats based on Thanksgiving menu items (not counting desserts). But gravy candy is a real thing, people! And, according to Washington Post culture writer Maura Judkis, it’s “here to ruin your Thanksgiving.” She samples gravy candy in a video on The Post’s website, describing the […]

Some Phoenix drivers had a doggone rough commute on Tuesday. The Associated Press reports that a wandering German shepherd snarled traffic on two different Phoenix freeways during the morning commute. Dispatchers first got word of the loose dog overnight, but the pup continued to evade troopers for more than an hour. The dog ran in […]



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