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A sequel to Borat? Very niiice!! The movie blog Collider reports that Sacha Baron Cohen has secretly shot a followup to his hit 2006 mockumentary and is already screening the film for industry insiders. Some say that the new flick’s plot involves Borat going undercover to interview unsuspecting Americans since he’s now such a renowned pop […]

A gender reveal party gone wrong resulted in a wildfire in California over the weekend. CNN reports a couple used a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device for the event at the El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa on Saturday. Surveillance video from the party shows a person appearing to light the device as the couple and children […]

After made their September update, adding 650 new words, eagle-eyed word lovers noticed that one of them was “jabroni,” which legend says was originated by pro wrestler The Iron Sheik, and made famous by The Rock. The site defined the word as slang for “a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person, a loser.” They also […]

If you’re not going into the office, then why not hold your Zoom meetings in more exotic surroundings, like Bermuda, Barbados or the Dominican Republic? That’s the argument a bevy of tropical locales are putting forth in a bid to lure tourists to their areas by offering special amenities. According to The Wall Street Journal, […]

Walmart announced Thursday that it’s teaming up with Microsoft to bid on TikTok, according to Reuters. The retailer said that it would join Microsoft in their efforts to acquire the social media app’s American assets. The news comes after CEO Kevin Mayer stepped down in the middle of negotiations. Oracle Corp is also bidding on […]

After Deborah Rose, of Thorold, Ontario won a $760,482 Lotto Max jackpot, she told lottery officials how she got her lucky numbers: they came to her in a dream. Rose said on the day she checked her number she “wasn’t having a very good day.” “but it surely made my day when I saw the […]

On Wednesday, it was reported that the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their Game 5 matchup against Orlando Magic in the NBA Playoffs over the police shooting of unarmed Black man Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this past weekend. Sports reporter Lance Allan tweeted Wednesday afternoon, “Just moments ago, FOX Sports Wisconsin showed the [pregame countdown] clock hit 0.0 and both […]

A new study has confirmed a cost-effective way for cattle farmers to protect their flock from predators: paint eyes on the animals’ butts, Modern Farmer reports. To verify the effectiveness of the simple trick, called the “i-cow” solution, researchers tracked cattle over a 4-year period, some of which were painted with X’s and some painted […]

Banks and retailers may be in the midst of a coin shortage right now, but its airports sure aren’t. To wit, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that air travelers left $926,030 in security-checkpoint bins between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. The most loose change was left behind at New York’s JFK airport, where jet-setters […]

On Tuesday in Clearwater, Florida, Herbert McClellan stole 13 scratch-off lottery tickets from a convenience store. One of those tickets was a $30 winner, so McClellan returned to the same store to cash it in. But store employees recognized him as the guy who’d stolen the tickets hours earlier and called the police, who arrested […]



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