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As the spread of a deadly coronavirus continues to stoke fears worldwide, Forbes reports that bottles of Purell are selling for $149 on eBay. It’s no wonder, then, that GOJO Industries, which manufactures the popular hand sanitizer, told The New York Post on Wednesday that it “significantly increased production many weeks ago” in anticipation of the virus’ spread and […]

More and more health experts are suggesting a return to permanent standard time because of the health risks associated with Daylight Saving Time, according to The Wall Street Journal. Research has found up to a 15 percent increased risk of having a heart attack in the first few days after going into Daylight Saving Time. “It’s […]

Dish Network Retailer is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the sitcom The Office with an unusual offer: It wants to pay someone $1,000 to watch and analyze 15 hours of the show, roughly 45 episodes, UPI reports. “As you’re watching, you’ll need to complete a checklist that tallies the number of common tropes that occur throughout each […]

Cans of dog food have been known to explode at random times, according to the blog OK Whatever. “I heard a loud bang and thought it was a bomb going off,” said one woman, who experienced an explosion in the pet aisle of a store. “After I screamed, I opened my eyes to discover a […]

Why does Post Malone have so many face tattoos? He tells GQ it’s to distract you from his not-good looks. “I’m an ugly-a** motherf**ker,” he says. “[The face tattoos do] maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don’t like how I look, so I’m going to put something cool on there so I can look at […]

Talk about a boss move! A British comedian has legally changed his name to Hugo Boss to protest the fashion brand’s habit of harassing small businesses that also have “boss” in their names. “Hugo Boss have sent cease and desist letters to a number of small businesses and charities who use the word ‘BOSS’ or [something] […]

In order to prevent against the deadly coronavirus that’s reached every continent but Antarctica, the NBA has sent a memo to teams urging players not to high-five fans and to refrain from autographing items that are handed to them by strangers. The AP reports that while players like Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum are […]

Because of the spread of coronavirus, officials are telling people to wash their hands more often. For most effective results, washing hands for about 20 seconds is recommended. However, on Monday, Twitter user and freelance writer Jen Monnier pointed out that she gets tired singing “Happy Birthday” to make sure she washes long enough. She recommended […]

You know who could use a good jobs program right now? Flavor Flaaaaaaaav! Rolling Stone reports that rap group Public Enemy fired their famous hypeman this past weekend after he publicly dissed their plans to perform at a Bernie Sanders presidential rally. “Public Enemy and [Chuck D-led offshoot] Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” […]



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