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Hassan al-Kontar moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2006 to avoid mandatory military service in his native Syria. In 2011, the Syrian government refused to renew his passport, so he quickly flew to Malaysia, where he received a three-month tourist visa. But when he tried to board a flight to Ecuador shortly thereafter, The […]

Here’s a riddle for you: Who is 6-foot-4, full of muscles and lives in the land down under? Nope, not the Belgian guy from the Men at Work song. It’s Knickers the steer. As UPI reports, Knickers has gone viral due to his enormous size. Not only is the steer 6 feet 4 inches tall, […]

Consumers spent nearly $8 billion on Cyber Monday this year, making it the largest online shopping day in United States history. Adobe reports that consumers were projected to spend $7.9 billion by the end of Cyber Monday, up 19.7 percent from last year. A large part of the online buying came from Amazon, which said […]

A Louisiana couple cleaning up their home for Thanksgiving last week stumbled across a lucky find: a months-old lottery ticket worth $1.8 million. According to Louisiana Lottery officials, Harold and Tina Ehrenberg of Mandeville discovered the winner–which was only two weeks from expiring–in a small pile of unchecked lottery tickets. “We kept checking the numbers […]

According to a new report published by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, children aren’t getting enough exercise in 75 percent of the world’s countries. “Global trends, including excessive screen time, are contributing to a generation of inactive children and putting them on a dangerous path,” Mark Tremblay, president of the Active Healthy Kids Global […]

Move over, Judge Judy: There’s another double-J’d justice set to invade people’s living rooms soon. That’d be Jerry Springer of Jerry Springer Show fame. On Monday, NBC Universal announced that Judge Jerry would debut in national syndication in fall 2019 and would be taped in Connecticut. In a statement, Springer, a former lawyer, joked that […]

With the start of December just around the corner, Elite Daily has compiled a list of 12 Christmas traditions you should consider starting when you move out of your parents’ house. Here they are: Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Lots of laughs and Instagram-worthy moments will surely be had. Spend a day holiday shopping with […]

Post Grad Problems has compiled a list of what they claim to be the undisputed 10 best Christmas songs. Spoiler alert: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” didn’t make the cut. Here are the songs that did: “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas” by Frank Sinatra “Santa Claus Is Comin’ […]

Hot on the heels of Oxford Dictionaries naming “toxic” as its word of the year, has instead selected “misinformation” as 2018’s standout term. In analyzing search data,’s linguist-in-residence, Jane Solomon, told the AP that “our relationship with truth is something that came up again and again,” adding, “Misinformation has been around for a […]

British artist Chris Barker has unveiled his 2018 tribute to celebrities who passed away this year. As Billboard reports, Barker annually updates the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover to reflect those who we lost. Among the musicians featured in this year’s artwork are Aretha Franklin, Mac Miller, Avicii, Roy Clark, Marty Balin, […]



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