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Last week in Georgia, the Newman family was finishing dinner when 10-year-old India, who was in the living room, exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!” She then walked back into the dining room and said, “Mama, that ornament scared me,” before bursting into tears. Upon further investigation, mom Katie Newman realized there was a live owl in […]

When Michael Esmond recently got a utility bill that was due on the day after Christmas, he remembered a rough patch in the ’80s when he couldn’t afford to pay for his home’s gas. Now the owner of Gulf Breeze Pools & Spa in Florida, Esmond is doing just fine for himself these days, and […]

Sure, there are Christmas specials you watch every year, like A Charlie Brown Christmas, or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. But what about regular TV shows that do a Christmas-themed episode during the holidays… do you have a favorite? Well, Mental Floss has put together this list of their 40 favorite TV episodes to share with you. Here […]

If you’ve been in a grocery or department store since Thanksgiving, you’ve probably been reminded that there are a whole lot of Christmas songs out there. Thankfully, The Ringer listened to them all and ranked the top 50. Below are the top 10; click on the link for the entire list: “All I Want for […]

If you’re wondering who the greasiest person in North America is, we’ve found them. Or at least… know what their handwriting looks like. Hilary Von Smith was expecting a package and, on Dec 11th, received an email saying it had been delivered to her home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Except, when she returned home, the […]

Scammers have been using skimmers at gas pumps to steal credit card info for a while now, but lately, they’ve gotten even more brazen and sophisticated, which is why Lifehacker suggests that you never pay for gas at the gas pump. Visa recently issued a warning about a new scam, where hackers send phishing emails […]

Want to make sure you end the day safe and snug in your own bed? Then take a look at The New York Times‘ advice on the easiest ways you can reduce your risk of dying right now (check the link for more): Take public transit to work. It’s statistically the safest way to travel. If […]

The Hallmark Channel announced Sunday that it will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples that it pulled following complaints from a conservative group, the AP reports. The network said the decision from parent company Crown Media was the “wrong decision,” and that the ads from wedding planning company Zola would begin airing again. Zola had submitted […]

It seems there’s a lot of gray area in rumors surrounding Jack Black’s retirement. ET reports that after the 50-year-old actor hinted earlier this week that his new Jumanji sequel could be his last movie, Black’s now walking back that claim. “Fake news,” he’s since said in a paparazzi video. “I’m not retiring. I’m not going anywhere. I’m only getting […]

Fred and Mark Hajjar are really raking it in with their ugly Christmas sweater website, according to CNN. On Wednesday, the company sold out of 1,000 Popeyes chicken sandwich sweaters that were sold at $45 each. “We started selling them today online and they sold out by late afternoon,” said Fred Hajjar. Popeye’s loved the idea and […]



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