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Despite all the excitement around Friends’ 25th anniversary, not everybody is looking back on the show fondly. At BuzzFeed, reporter Scaachi Koul notes that the ’90s sitcom, which is “a show about white people being thin and having the pointiest nipples in the continental Americas,” is “absolute garbage.” Why? In addition to the show’s lack of minority characters, its […]

A Vietnamese gardener who immigrated to Canada in 1983 finally stepped forward to claim the $45 million (USD) jackpot the he won in an October 2018 Lotto Max drawing. “I keep thinking about one month or two month…but a lot of thinking. It’s big money. A lot of thinking,” Bon Truong said at press conference […]

At the end of the upcoming school year, the Ontario provincial government will require all teachers to complete math exams, a decision that has come under fire. Speaking to CTV, Sam Hammond, president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, said “Expecting a kindergarten teacher to have a firm grasp of calculus makes no sense … The […]

A tweet from NL comedian Jessica Maria has people talking in the #nltraffic hashtag. It reads “I didn’t want to tweet this. I tried SO HARD… But I’ve been back from Ontario less than 48 hrs and I miss driving alongside considerate drivers who follow the rules of the road and who allow one another […]

KFC has partnered with the Beyond Meat brand to test plant-based nuggets and wings. Eater reports that the chain’s Beyond Fried Chicken will launch in Smyrna, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta, in the form of nuggets or boneless wings, as the chain decides whether or not to broaden the test or to release Beyond Fried Chicken […]

Back in June 1999, Christina Aguilera released the first single from her debut album, a song that catapulted her to superstardom: Genie in a Bottle. The video dominated MuchMusic for weeks and the song climbed to the top of the charts, reaching number 1 in 10 countries, but it almost wasn’t called by its memorable […]

If you were surprised by the news last week that NHL star P.K. Subban had popped the question to Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, you’re not alone. In a Q&A confirming the engagement to Vogue, Vonn admits that she had no idea a proposal was coming. “We never talked about it or looked at rings,” the 34-year-old […]

A debate broke out on OZFM’s Facebook page earlier today, with listeners discussing whether or not Corner Brook counted as being “around the bay”. Inspired by a peculiar wedding cake from a ceremony described as being “around the bay”, it got me wondering: what counts as “around the bay” in your opinion? For some people, […]

A Perth, Australia, resident accidentally used the same playslip to purchase two identical lottery tickets, and ended up doubling her winnings from $675,845 to $1,351,700. According to UPI, the woman told Western Australia lottery officials, “I used my playslip for this week’s Monday and Wednesday Lotto and when I realized I hadn’t used my partner’s […]

Being generous to her fans is just Taylor Swift’s “Style.” On Wednesday night, the pop star sent 30 pizzas to fans camped out in New York’s Central Park to catch her live performance on Thursday’s Good Morning America. The outlet reports that she even dispatched dad Scott Swift to personally deliver the pies and pose […]



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