Dakota Johnson recently revealed to Town & Country that she gave her The Lost Daughter co-star Olivia Colman her first tattoo. The Fifty Shades of Grey star told the outlet that she used a stick-and-poke kit to ink Colman after a night out in New York. The Crown actress explained, “Maybe it was me being completely seduced by this gorgeous person and wanting her to […]

Today (Friday, December 3), Newfoundland and Labrador has five new confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the last public advisory. Contact tracing by Public Health is underway and anyone considered a close contact has been advised regarding quarantine according to current guidelines.   In the Eastern Health region:   One between 40-49 years of age.   […]

Put Lego Group into the camp of companies that believe you get better results by rewarding employees rather than by making them fearful of being fired or otherwise punished. The Danish company said in a recent statement that after it had what it called an “extraordinary year,” it wanted to thank its 20,000 employees. So […]

Dana Puddicombe and Christopher Dunn joined me live on air this afternoon to chat about A Haroldmark Christmas: The Holiday Improv Special, coming up Dec 6th at Bannerman Brewing Company. Get your tickets at this link!

In today’s COVID-19 update with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald announced 2 cases of COVID-19 in NL. They are both located in the Western Health region and both are under investigation. That makes 22 active cases in the province. Dr Fitzgerald also announced that to date there is no sign that […]

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If you were to buy all of the gifts mentioned in the song The 12 Days of Christmas you’d be spending quite a lot this year—over $41,000. PNC released their annual Christmas Price Index, which has been measuring the current cost of getting all the items mentioned in a full verse of the Christmas carol […]

While the Christmas season can be a happy time of family, togetherness, festive decorations and more, there are also downsides that many people don’t like, and a new survey found that Secret Santa is at the top of the least-liked list. The OnePoll survey for Slickdeals found that 79 percent hate being part of a Secret […]

You may remember Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral online after documenting how she accidentally styled her hair with Gorilla Glue instead of Got2B Glued styling glue in February 2021. Recently, Brown came back into the internet spotlight with the release of a song called “Ma Hair.” She also created a dance challenge that […]

Younger generations like Millennials and Gen-Zers don’t use the phrase “you’re welcome” as often as their older counterparts. Twitter account @DrHistoryBrad tweeted a theory as to why this is, writing, “My generation says ‘no worries’ instead of ‘you’re welcome’ to 1) show that doing a favor for someone doesn’t need to be a transactional thing […]



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