Tired of being forced to stay at home due to coronavirus restrictions? Then get drunk! According to The Los Angeles Times, here’s how many shots you should take if any of the following things happen: Another haircut joke: Do 3 shots Amazon arrived early: 2 shots Gassy dog: 1 shot Gassy spouse: 2 shots Someone […]

Earlier this month in Greenville, North Carolina, Antonio Hernandez found a $1,200 stimulus check made out to Charles Thompson in a trash can at Evans Street Car Wash, where Hernandez works. Hernandez and his daughter, Michelle Alvarado, managed to track down Thompson, an Army veteran who’d recently moved out of his apartment and had no […]

Netflix made an unusual announcement Thursday, saying that it planned to purge inactive members from its subscription base, Gizmodo reports. The streamer said they would begin to cancel accounts who have not watched anything in a year since they joined, as well as anyone who hasn’t watched anything at all in two years. The company […]

The coronavirus “Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit,” which is why the Wu-Tang Clan wants you to keep your mitts clean with their new hand sanitizer. The rap collective revealed Wednesday on Instagram that they’ve partnered with plant-based wellness brand Jusu to launch “Protect Ya Hands” sanitizer, available in scents like “Chilling Chilling Spicy Citrus.” They […]

On Thursday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Massachusetts announced that Full House star Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion mogul Massimo Giannulli, had agreed to plead guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges for their role in a high-profile college-admissions scam that involved other rich and famous parents like the actress Felicity Huffman. […]

The British WWII vet who’s raised roughly $44 million to support healthcare workers in the UK amid COVID-19 will now receive Britain’s highest honor. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that Queen Elizabeth has agreed that Captain Tom Moore will be knighted. The 100-year-old Moore said in response, “I am absolutely overwhelmed. Never for one […]

While we all enjoy some things about working from home during the pandemic, like sleeping in a little later and not having to commute, there are things about the office we miss too…like it’s more comfortable. The New York Times put together some pointers on how to make your work from home experience a little […]

Two melon heads struck a Sheetz grocery store in Virginia earlier this month, UPI reports. On Wednesday, May 6, at almost 9:30 p.m., two men in hollowed-out watermelons covering their heads burglarized a Sheetz store. The watermelon had slits for eyes but no other openings. The duo stole undisclosed items before fleeing the scene in a black […]

Reese Witherspoon is getting a little help from friend Mindy Kaling in bringing Legally Blonde 3 to the big screen. Kaling, who co-starred with Witherspoon in A Wrinkle in Time, has signed on to pen the Legally Blonde 3 script alongside co-writer Dan Goor, best known for his work on sitcoms like Parks and Recreation […]

Coors Light is offering a little relief to people working from home during the coronavirus, UPI reports. The company’s Coors Light Clone Machine creates a 30-second video loop that workers can activate while in a video conference meeting, which they claim is “just enough time to sneak in a trip to the fridge for a […]



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