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An NBA executive who was sued for allegedly assaulting a cop is countersuing now that video of the incident is telling a different story. ESPN reports that newly released footage shows that a San Francisco Bay Area sheriff’s deputy shoved Toronto Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri twice as he tried to join his […]

Stefanie and Duane Lindsay of El Dorado Hills, California, were involved in a scary car crash on August 1, during which their 3-year-old dog Roo was ejected through a rear window that had blown out, CNN reports. The couple had been rammed by another vehicle at 65 mph on the highway, causing their car to […]

Can’t decide on what to watch? There’s an app for that! Well, not an app, but Variety reports that Netflix is testing out a new “shuffle play” feature that would pick a program to play for you, based on what you’ve previously watched. So far, the feature is only available on Netflix accounts connected to TVs. […]

Kevin Hart broke the news Monday on Instagram that he and Will Smith are set to remake the 1987 John Hughes comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles, UPI reports. “We found it and are developing it together with our teams,” Hart wrote. “This will be huge for us and the City of Brotherly Love, a.k.a. Philadelphia….. […]

Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo is keeping busy this summer while the show is on production hiatus because of the coronavirus, People reports. The 17-year-old New Jersey native has taken a summer job as a food runner at a Long Beach Island restaurant, where he’s joined a few family members who also work there. Even […]

For weeks, the Virginia TV station WSLS has been introducing viewers to shelter cats on its various newscasts. One of these cats was named Dennis Quaid, which caught the attention of…Dennis Quaid, who has now adopted his namesake kitty. “I just couldn’t resist; had to,” Quaid (the human) tells WSLS. “I’m out to save all […]

While wearing a mask has become a normal part of everyday life during the pandemic, it can be a pain for people who have to wear glasses, as they can easily get fogged up. Lifehacker has dredged up a super simple tip to prevent this using shaving cream. “Simply pump a tiny bit of shaving […]

In January, Rachel Glyn’s husband of 36 years died of cancer. Two months later, she found herself stuck in her apartment due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions, alone and depressed. One morning, she heard about a local blood drive, walked to a nearby hospital and donated. Afterward, she tells The Wall Street Journal that she felt […]

Earlier this week, Nickelback posted a tweet that bore only its name on what looked to be some sort of album case and the date “FRIDAY, 8/14.” While this cryptic message no doubt thrilled their hard-core fans, other folks reacted, uh, differently to the polarizing band’s news. Below are some of the more entertaining responses: […]

An Israeli jeweler has created a diamond-encrusted gold face mask worth $1.5 million — and it actually works. Designer Isaac Levy of the Yvel company says he was contacted by a Chinese businessman living in the U.S. who asked him to create a mask that would be the most expensive in the world. So Levy designed […]



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