Stephen: TikTok user goes viral for Titanic obsession, collection of VHS copies

Published on September 19th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


TikTok user @titanicfan97 has gained a cult following on TikTok for his passion for the 1997 movie Titanic. The 30-year-old has over 500 VHS copies, and says he will finally reveal his face once he has another 500 copies. The Titanic Fan has supposedly found all the copies available in the Tampa Bay area. People as far as Australia have mailed him their copies of the romantic epic. Other devoted fans have sent obscure gifts like all of his TikToks on a VHS tape. His goal is to collect all 25 million VHS copies, but he says he will settle for anywhere between 1,997 and 1 million.

@titanicfan97 Knock knock knock who it is? It’s T #titanic #t #collection ♬ HOT! – Token




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