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Are you an impulse shopper? Well you can at least partially blame coffee for spending too much, at least according to one study. Researchers conducted an experiment where customers entering stores were offered a complimentary beverage – either water, decaffeinated coffee, or regular coffee. After exiting the shopping area, the shoppers shared their receipts and […]

Dream of being rich? Turns out, most people don’t want to be billionaires, but would be content with around $10 million dollars for an ideal life. A British study of over 7,000 people around the world showed that most individuals do not have unlimited wants. The study seems to imply that most people are happy with […]

If you’re like me you’ve never won more than a hundred bucks, but if you’ve ever struck it big, what did you do with it? Perhaps more importantly, who did you tell? It’s probably not a secret that people act differently when money is involved, and a lot of people say they wouldn’t let their […]

A bus driver in Connecticut is being charged with 38 counts of reckless endangerment after blacking out while snacking on gummies. The gummies were infused with THC. The driver, Jinhuan Chen, was on Interstate 95 in Connecticut when he stopped the bus on the side of the road. When police arrived, they found a high […]

The out-of-nowhere worldwide hit show “Squid Game” was popular enough for not only a second season (as recently confirmed by Netflix), but also a new reality show based on the series. The South Korean-produced drama had characters who were down on their luck compete in children’s games for big prize money. The catch is that […]

New York State’s Court of Appeals has ruled against animal rights activists who brought a suit to force the Bronx Zoo to extend basic human rights to an elephant. The appeals court affirmed a lower court ruling that Happy the elephant is not a legal person and therefore does not have the right to freedom of a […]

Today, the federal government announced more changes to travel regulations, specifically for people who are not fully vaccinated. The change, which will go into effect June 20th, will allow unvaccinated Canadians to board both domestic and international flights, as well as trains and busses leaving the country. There are no changes for travelers from other […]

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker could be returning in an all-singing, all-dancing musical sequel, and Lady Gaga may be joining the cast. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the latest on the proposed sequel from Todd Phillips, director of the 2019 hit that nabbed Phoenix the Oscar for Best Actor, saying that the script has been presented to Warner […]

Huy Fong Foods recently released a letter suggesting a Sriracha shortage may be coming due to a pepper shortage. The peppers used to make the tasty sauce come from Mexico, which is currently experiencing a drought. The company calls the shortage “unprecedented” and won’t be accepting new orders from distributors until September. People are starting […]

Does your dog watch TV? Canine behaviorist Carolyn Menteith says dogs may not understand the plot, but they do see movement and sound. Dogs can only see two primary colors…blue and yellow, so their viewing experience is different than ours. However, they can recognize other pups on-screen. “There is research to show that dogs recognise […]



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