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Every age group has its challenges, but if you ask parents, the teenage years are the toughest. A new survey asked parents what the hardest age to parent is, and 75% of respondents said it’s between 13 and 19, with 15 being the number one answer. Now I don’t have any kids of my own, […]

If you’re thinking of travelling out of the country any time soon, you should probably take a quick look at your passport. Several Canadians are reporting long wait times for passport applications amid a surge of demand for international travel. Service Canada says between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, they issued 363,000 passports. […]

April 22nd is Earth Day, which is all about celebrating the planet we live on, sharing environmentally-conscious measures, and creating awareness of ecological issues. Below are some interesting facts about Earth from and Check them out and leave your own cool facts about the planet in the comments! The Earth isn’t a perfect […]

Could you bear to cut your smartphone use down? Researchers from Germany found cutting smartphone use by just one hour per day left people feeling less anxious, more satisfied with life, and made them more likely to exercise. Participants who used their phones for one hour less a day for the week-long experiment also reported […]

Someday soon you may be sitting through an ad while streaming your favourite shows. Following a reported loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year, Netflix will shift to accommodate cheaper plans. The price of subscription to the streaming service has steadily risen over the last few years, and now a major […]

With the Easter weekend behind us, if you’re in the market for some cheap candy, now is the time. Did you know that what you pick up from the candy aisle says something about your personality? It turns out that people who gravitate to certain types of candy tend to share personality traits. For example, […]

Would you ever let a stranger name your baby? Probably not. How about paying that person for the same service? Seems even less likely. Well it turns out that”professional baby namer” is an actual job and I want to know how to apply. A woman named Taylor Humphrey has gone viral recently for claiming that […]

A school district in Texas will be switching to a four-day school week for students in the upcoming year, due to teacher burnout and shortages amid the pandemic. The Jasper Independent School District said on Facebook that the calendar will meet the 75,600 minutes required for students during a school year. The four-day week would begin in October […]

If you have an identical twin, I feel like you’ve got to do a secret swap at some point. One man is getting a lot of attention online for avoiding his in-laws in a pretty sneaky way. The unnamed man’s fiancé was having a family gathering after being kept apart by the pandemic, but he […]

Man’s best friend indeed. According to a new survey, 69% of dog owners think their best friend is actually their dog. As a dog owner myself, I totally get it. I even have a friend who considers MY dog his best friend. People have claimed that for Millennials, pets are the new kids, and it […]



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