Hugh Campbell

Here’s something we haven’t seen since March 2020. The Canadian government has lifted its advisory against non-essential international travel. For almost two years, the Government of Canada website had displayed the notice, which has how been replaced with a message urging all travelers to be fully vaccinated before taking a trip. For many, it comes […]

Friday afternoon, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald returned from vacation to announce a new batch of confirmed cases as well as a newly identified cluster in the Marystown area. Since Wednesday, there have been 30 new cases of COVID-19, with a total active case count of 62. A cluster has been identified in the Marystown area, and […]

There’s a house in Virginia that is made entirely out of recycled gravestones. It’s been in Petersburg since the 1930s, and looks like it’s just made of plain old stones. But the marble stones are part of the same stones that mark the resting places of Union soldiers that died in the siege of Petersburg. […]

Before you leave you house, make sure you know where your pets are. In a post shared to Facebook on September 26th, Jared Owens, age 39, and his wife, Kristi, age 36, said they were due to fly from Texas to Las Vegas when they tried to check their luggage and were told their suitcase […]

I haven’t bought candy to give out to trick-or-treaters yet this year, mainly because I know I’ll end up eating too much of it myself if I see it around the house. If you’re like me and you’re holding off on buying Halloween candy, maybe take a look at the list below to see what […]

Oh that poor, poor woman. If you’ve seen ‘Squid Game’ then you know that a phone number delivered on a business card is a large plot point. If you haven’t seen the show, you’re missing out, it’s literally the biggest original show Netflix has ever had. Anyway, the show’s creators assumed that making the phone […]

Here’s a number that I expected to be a lot higher: the average couple only spends four hours a day in the same room. At least according to one recent survey, on a typical weekday, couples spend seven and a half hours in the house at the same time, but only 57% of that time […]

Still thinking about what your Halloween costume is going to be this year? As with every year, you can probably expect to see a few people out there dressing up as some celebrities, whether they be current trendy names or throwback celebs. A new survey took a look at the celebrity costume ideas that people […]

Well here’s something I won’t be doing. Hellman’s mayonnaise sparked a big reaction on the internet after the company’s Twitter account posted a suggestion that is controversial at best. The now-infamous Tweet reads: “Mayo in your coffee. That it, that’s the tweet.” Shortly afterwards, the company doubled down with another Tweet: “Nope, that wasn’t a […]

Well here’s something a majority of the population can relate to – pretending to be bad at something in hopes that you won’t be asked to do it again. According to a new survey conducted by YouGov, 71% of us have done just that. Another 20% says they’ve never faked incompetence. The funniest part of […]



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