A British woman says her dog may have just broken a world record for the world’s largest litter after giving birth to 21 puppies. Joanne Hine said her Great Dane/American bulldog mix, Mary Jane, was expected to deliver a litter of six to eight puppies, but ended up having 21 babies. As of now, the Guinness World […]

Well here’s one pooch who may end up on the naughty list this Christmas. Firefighters in Britain say a kitchen fire was caused by the family dog that somehow managed to turn on the microwave. After responding to a fire call, firefighters discovered the fire had started in the kitchen when the owner’s dog started […]

Does your dog have one of these popular names? The Banfield Pet Hospital, the largest veterinary practice in the U.S., combed through its database of pet patients to put together this list of the most popular dog names of 2019. Here are the top 10 names, as provided by Mental Floss: Bella Max Luna Coco […]

At just six years old, Emma Clarke is currently battling cancer the third time. According to a GoFundMe Page, Emma’s was admitted into the Janeway in February of 2018, and since then has had three surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Keeping in good spirits despite the life of hardships, the little girl from Victoria, […]

Smartphone addiction is a real thing, and this Indonesian city thinks it has the perfect solution to help kids and teens who may be afflicted by it: baby chicks. Students in the city of Bandung, West Java gave the baby birds to over 2,000 students at 12 elementary and middle schools in hopes that the […]

A stray dog in Chatham-Kent, Ontario has become somewhat of a hero after being found protecting five kittens from the cold last week. The Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) shelter shared pics of the pooch and the litter on their Facebook page on Nov. 16, captioning the post with “stray sweetheart,” was “keeping her ‘babies’ […]

A young puppy is making waves online for his unusual appearance. Rochelle Steffen of Mac’s Mission rescue shelter in named the pup “Narwhal” since he has a second tail growing from his forehead. “I looked at him, and I was like, ‘This is the most ridiculously adorable puppy I’ve ever seen,” Steffen says. “Then my […]

Pugs and pug racing are becoming more popular in Germany, according to The New York Times. Even though the breed has been seen as a lazy, lay about type, racing them is also gaining popularity. Owners say the races aren’t really competitive. “We are all here just for the fun of it,” says one. There […]

Drunk as a skunk? Not quite! Residents of Stittsville, Ontario, are dealing with ripped raccoons that are apparently getting sauced on fermented fruit. “It’s possible that some of the fruit is fermenting under the heat, and that these guys are getting a bit tipsy [by eating it],” says biology professor Michael Runtz. Narcity reports locals […]

On Tuesday morning, University of North Dakota police discovered that a loose moose had wandered onto the football team’s practice field, where it had plenty of room to run without fear of being tackled. The moose was intentionally confined to the field for several hours before local zoo officials helped capture it and release it […]



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