Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves of BC took advantage of some Black Friday sales to pick up a Vitamix blender. The only problem is, the couple’s 3 cats claimed it the moment it showed up at their home in mid December. “It arrived in the mail on Dec. 16, and I brought it inside and set the […]

You never know what you might find in your fresh vegetables. A man living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently posted to Twitter about how he found a live, tiny tree frog inside a boxed supermarket salad he purchased from Whole Foods. He found the amphibian on December 20th, but his story just went viral. In the […]

You have heard of it raining cats and dogs, but have you ever heard of it raining fish? Residents along the Texarkana, Texas reported small fish falling from the sky last week as the area saw strong winds. The phenomenon can be explained by powerful waterspouts, a column of rotating, cloud-filled wind along a water’s surface. […]

A team of scientists in Israel have developed a “Fish Operated Vehicle” and taught goldfish to drive. “Overall, this study suggests that fish can learn to control a vehicle and use simple navigation strategies to successfully perform a task,” researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev say. “The vehicle was designed to detect the fish’s […]

A Minnesota park has scaled back on its Christmas decorations this year after it was discovered that squirrels have been chewing on the electrical wires. Lee Ann LaBore, co-chair of the Friends of Mears Park, says the foundation had to cut back on their annual holiday display this year due to vendors refusing to hang […]

We all know that all the other reindeer were mean to Rudolph, but this is ridiculous. A woman in British Columbia says her the red-nosed Rudolph decoration she has on her lawn has been the target of local deer for the last five years. “Every year a buck in the area attacks him or hits […]

While a partridge in a pear tree is synonymous with the holiday season, a snake in a Christmas tree is not. Wildlife rescuers in South Africa were to a home recently to extract a venomous boomslang snake from the family’s tree. Gerrie Heyns, owner of reptile rescue service Snake Lives Matter, says he arrived at the […]

Cats are strange creatures. If you have one, you may have noticed they like to stick their butt in your face. Pam Johnson-Bennett is a cat behavior specialist and says, “In a cat’s world, presentation of the hindquarters is considered proper etiquette. Cats who are friendly with each other will often approach with raised tails. […]

Even members of the animal kingdom can use a caffeine pick me up from time to time. A flamingo that escaped the Granby Zoo in Granby, Quebec was later apprehended in the parking lot of the local Tim’s. “To reassure everyone, there wasn’t a sale on shrimp at the IGA or a special on coffee […]

Only in Australia. The Australian Reptile Park says someone in Sydney or the New South Wales coastal area anonymously donated a spider in a small plastic food container. Keepers were shocked to see it was a funnel-web spider with a body measuring 1.9 inches long. The park says the spider, which has fangs about 0.8 […]



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