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A quick-thinking German motorist came up with a unique way to douse a car fire: he used bottled of beer. The unidentified man was driving on the Autobahn near Hoesbach in Bavaria, when he smelled something odd and pulled over. Once on the side of the road, he noticed flames coming from under the hood […]

Queen Elizabeth apparently likes to eat dinner the same way we do: On a tray in front of the TV. The Sun quotes Lady Colin Campbell as saying that her majesty likes to dispense of the formalities at mealtime, and likes to watch TV. “She likes it. It’s homely, it’s cozy, and it’s comfortable.” The Queen is […]

Bunk beds: They’re not just for kids anymore! The Wall Street Journal reports that a market has emerged for queen-sized adult bunk beds that offer “a mix of chic and nostalgia.” A Portland (Ore.)-based interior designer hails bunk beds as “a peaceful and cheerful space saver” that gives guest rooms in small homes more bang for their […]

The latest mobile game from Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour, is out today on Android and Apple devices. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases that you can use to get upgrades. People were annoyed at first, when they could download the app, but maintenance prevented them from actually playing the game. Now that it’s up […]

Fans of the Big Bang Theory may be sad the massive show is over, but two of its stars are teaming up for a new series. A new series, called ‘Carla’, will star Mayim Bialik and will involve Jim Parsons as executive producer. The show will be an American adaptation of a British show called […]

Buzzfeed asked its community to name TV shows that should have ended sooner, and what seasons they should have ended on. The site’s users came up with 33 pretty good cases! Here are the first 10 responses (you can see the rest here): Once Upon a Time (after Season 6) “The last season was unnecessary. […]

Officials in Lincoln County, Nevada, were prepared for the worst on Friday as hundreds of visitors descended upon a remote portion of the Nevada desert in response to the online “Storm Area 51” hoax. The idea behind the hoax was for people to storm the gates of the mysterious Air Force test site, which, as […]

On Monday afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska, a 19-year-old woman started a fire in her apartment after she used a butane torch to burn a bunch of old love letters. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that she set some of the smoldering letters down on a carpet, took a nap and awoke to find said carpet on fire. […]

Could we be anymore excited for this Friends apparel? Ralph Lauren is debuting a new clothing collection to mark the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite sitcom, Friends. People reports that the collection, out Wednesday, features suits, blazers, jackets, and skirts in materials ranging from wool to faux fur. The designer is also teaming up with Bloomingdale’s to serve complimentary cups of coffee in […]

Every so often, Merriam-Webster adds new words to the dictionary as language changes and evolves. This month, they added 530 new words, including the non-binary pronoun use of ‘they’. The new definition is “used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is non-binary”. Other new additions include ‘dad joke’, ‘deep state’, and ‘free […]



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