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Had a bad day? You might want to try “rage gardening.” It’s the act of channeling your frustrations into caring for plants—and it’s become one of the most surprising trends to take off during the pandemic. Weeding, planting, and watering have been linked to reduced anxiety and depression, as well as a way to boost […]

Announced Thursday afternoon, there are no new cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador, however there are 23 new cases on board the second ship anchored in Conception Bay. The total number of cases on that ship has now reached 31 crew members, with another 14 positive cases on the ship that was announced July […]

The world is slowly reopening as the pandemic wanes, and one particular item is selling fast: engagement rings. An executive for the Shane Co. private jeweler tells CNN, “We’ve seen a resurgence in both engagement ring and wedding band sales.” CNN also reports that after people started getting vaccinated earlier this year, the sales of […]

If you’ve ever seen or been part of a fight that erupted at a game night, you’re certainly not alone. According to one survey, one in five people have actually banned a specific game because of the problems it caused, while one in nine have seen a fight over a game turn physical. Typical scenes […]

An unopened copy of one of the most popular games of its time is now ridiculously valuable. Heritage Auctions in Dallas sold a copy of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 console that has been unopened since its production in 1996 for 1.56 million dollars. If it seems like everyone of a certain generation […]

A man who was demolishing the back landing of his home recently had a shock. Dave Olson said he was taking apart the stairs behind his home in Muskegon, Michigan on July 1st when he noticed a spherical object in the sand behind some cinder blocks. He says he discovered it was a bowling ball. […]

Tuesday afternoon, the province has announced that there are no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador, however there are five cases on a second ship anchored in Conception Bay. The province is working to test all crew members, who are following Public Health orders. One crew member is in hospital, while the […]

If you ask me, nothing warms the heart like a good dog story. While looking through a list of pets available for adoption from her local Humane Society, Aisha Nieves came across an old friend. The Allentown, Pennsylvania resident’s heart skipped a beat when she came across the picture of her old dog Kovu, who […]

Anyone who has left contact lenses in too long knows how it can be uncomfortable, which is why this story is so notable. Surgeons in the UK discovered 27 missing contact lenses in a woman’s eyes. The 67-year old patient was unaware that they were unaccounted for, so both she and the operating teams were […]

Alcohol kills germs, but still. Coors Light has used ice collected from the rink at Amalie Arena during the Stanley Cup Final, which Tampa Bay Lightning won, to brew “Champions Ice.” The limited-edition beer will be available on tap in Tampa-area bars and in 32-ounce collectable “crowlers” beginning next week—including the day of the Lightning’s […]



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