Robert: Movie theatres may be facing a popcorn shortage

Published on June 2nd, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


Summer blockbuster season is here, but you may be hard pressed to find your favourite movie snack prior to sitting down and watching Top Gun: Maverick or Jurassic World: Dominion or Thor: Love and Thunder.

“Popcorn supply will be tight,” says chief executive of Preferred Popcorn Norm Krug.

Krug explains the issue is convincing farmers to increase corn production as oppose to more lucrative crops. This coupled with a continued shortage of truckers may have an impact on your movie snacking habits.

But the problem doesn’t end there. Even the preferred popcorn vessel, the grease-proof paper bag, are in short supply.

Over the years, cinema chains have bought in big time to the concept of collectible plastic or metal popcorn bins that can sell at a higher price to fans looking for movie memorabilia.

“Some [theaters] have used collectible vessels for a long time and see good sales upside,” said a market expert. “Some are being forced to … as they are what is more readily available at this time. Others are choosing to pay more for the higher end vessels because they see an opportunity to try a new marketing vessel.”




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