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Some exciting news for travelers, as the United States are set to drop their requirement for international arrivals to produce a negative COVID-19 test. A senior official within the Biden administration has reportedly said that the change will go into effect 12:01am on Sunday. The rule was put in place a year and a half […]

Britney Spears¬†and¬†Sam Asghari¬†exchanged nuptials in a small ceremony in front of about 60 guests on Thursday evening. Some of her famous friends in attendance included¬†Madonna,¬†Selena Gomez,¬†Drew Barrymore,¬†Maria Menounos, and¬†Paris Hilton.¬†Britney wore a¬†Donatella Versace¬†dress. TMZ¬†posted aerial images of the pink wedding tent with a doorway trimmed in pink roses. Britney‚Äôs brother,¬†Bryan, was there… but her mom, […]

If you think you can bake cakes like no other, CTV wants you. The network is currently casting for a new baking competition show called Cross Country Cake Off. The show will be hosted by Mary Berg of Master Chef Canada and Mary’s Kitchen Crush. If you think you have what it takes, visit the […]

At a food festival in Mexico, a team of chefs pooled their talents together to assemble one of the world’s largest hamburgers. The gargantuan burger topped out at 629.4 lbs and took about 10 minutes to cook. Organizers of the International Hamburger Festival say the burger will be split into potions and provided to local […]

If you frequent a Sobeys grocery store, you’re about to use your Air Miles card a lot less. On Tuesday, a new partnership between Scene+ and the Empire network of grocery stores. The rewards program operated by Cineplex and Scotiabank allows members to rack up points on select purchases and when banking with Scotiabank that […]

Manufacturers around the world are skimping on products and hoping you don’t notice. Shrinkflation is the practice of shrinking package sizes without reducing price. Brands from Kleenex to Folgers to Cottonelle have reduced the amount of product in their standard packaging without dropping the price.¬†If you notice smaller cereal boxes or chips bags, it may […]

What road in your area do you think is in the worst condition? Every year, CAA takes a look at some of the worst roads in Canada based on feedback from the public and this year, four roads in Newfoundland rank within the worst ten roads in Atlantic Canada. With the results below, do you […]

Scientists studied the impact of diet on memory and sleep quality in 62 adults, and the results may surprise you! Researchers from Birbeck University found that a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan diet can actually boost memory. Eating a largely vegan diet can also cut the risk of heart disease by up to 52%.¬†However, diet was […]

What would you do with an extra day off? 3,300 British workers are participating in the largest trial of the four-day workweek. The six-month experiment will be looking at how the new schedule impacts stress, job and life satisfaction, travel, and energy use. 70 varied companies are participating, including charities, a brewery, a construction recruitment […]



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