Hugh: Survey Finds Eight out of Ten Delivery Drivers Admit to Eating Part of Customer’s Order

Published on June 1st, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


If you’ve ever suspected the person dropping off your food has stolen a few fries from the bag, you might be right. A recent survey asked delivery drivers about their on-the-job behaviours, and they found that 79% actually admit to eating some of their customers’ food. Next time you order from your favourite restaurant, it might be worthwhile to just pick it up yourself. Stealing a few bites of your food may not be the only questionable thing happening on the way to your front door either. 23 percent of respondents admitted to intentionally damaging packages, and 18 percent have marked a package as delivered when it wasn’t. My personal favourite statistic from the survey? Six percent of the delivery drivers polled said they’ve pretended not to speak English when dropping off a package.




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