Hugh: Man has Stolen Vehicle Returned, Finds Thousands of Dollars Worth of New Items Inside

Published on September 26th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


Max from Austin, Texas, recently had his car stolen. However, when police returned the vehicle, it was filled with expensive merchandise! Max, who goes by @anxietytypebeat on TikTok, showed some of the items he found: an electric scooter($599), four expensive fragrances ($378 combined), an electric shaver ($170), binoculars ($54), a dash cam ($179), and a radar detector($150). The weirdest item? A scary-looking machete. The largest item that was shown was an ECHO chainsaw, which apparently could be worth up to over a thousand dollars depending on the exact model. While some commenters said he should keep the merch, Max informed the police, who are trying to determine if these items were also stolen.




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