Hugh: Coors Light Making “Champions Ice” Beer out of Colorado Avalanche’s Home Rink

Published on June 29th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


Sweat, tape, rubber, skate blades, spit, and even blood are just some of the things that touch NHL ice. So, knowing all that, would you drink a beer made from a rink? Coors Light is betting that many hockey fans will. The beer giant is bringing back their “Champions Ice” limited edition beer made out of the Stanley Cup champion’s home ice pad. In addition to its unique brewing process that includes “shavings” of the ice, the beer will have custom imaging celebrating the Colorado Avalanche’s Cup win. Unfortunately, Avs fans in Newfoundland will have a hard time getting their hands on it, as it’ll only be available in the Denver area.

This year, Coors Light actually has some competition in the beer world for creative ways to celebrate a Cup win. They’re actually getting a member of the Avalanche in on the brewing process. Longtime Colorado defenseman Erik Johnson has been named an honourary brewmaster and will assist in brewing a batch of Bud Light that will be sold in special cans donning his appearance and signature. The Stanley Cup is certainly no stranger to beer and that’s not changing any time soon.




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