A tiny (a I mean TINY) home in Toronto, Ontario is up for grabs, and it’ll only cost you a cool $1 000 000. The “rare detached bungalow” in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park boasts two bedrooms and one bathroom. The home is described as a “much smaller than the average home”, but the location and […]

Simply make a request for your chance to WIN a Limited Edition Juniper BBQ Scraper!  Call 576-OZFM (6936) or fill out the Request Form on our website (OZFM.com) WINNER:  Rick Walsh, Mobile 😊

Hudson & Rex has been picked up for a third season. The show returns this fall. Just in time for Father’s Day this weekend, the canine star of the locally-filmed television show had puppies! Diesel is now the Dad of six girl German Shepard pups, what would you name them? Diesel is now the father […]

The gates to the Magic Kingdom are set to once again open. After a four month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products said in a statement that they aim to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on July 17. Advance reservations will be required in order to visit the theme […]

Ontario has unveiled newly designed license plates, but there’s just one problem: You can’t read them at night. “Did anyone consult with police before designing and manufacturing the new Ontario license plates? They’re virtually unreadable at night,” Kingston police officer Steve Koopman tweeted this past Saturday along with a pic of a Honda with the new […]

Hong Kong has an issue with long waits and line-ups at the bathroom. The solution, according to one group, is female urinals. According to the Hong Kong Toilet Association, urinals could potentially cut peeing time to just 1.5 minutes, thus help to shorten queues outside women’s washrooms. But how does it work, you ask? The […]

Here’s some news that both men and women can be equally bummed about. This year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show has officially been cancelled. “We’ll be communicating to customers, but nothing that I would say is similar in magnitude to the fashion show… You can be sure we’ll be communicating with customers through lots of vehicles including social […]

A scientist who claims to have collected DNA from Scotland’s Loch Ness is suggesting he has discovered the secret to one of Scotland’s greatest mysteries. Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago in New Zealand says he found a high amount of eel DNA in the water of the Loch, inferring that the famed Loch […]

The city of Tacoma, Washington, is considering banning vaping and drones in public parks, and News-Tribune columnist Matt Driscoll wholeheartedly supports the proposal. “There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a walk in your favorite park or an afternoon in your own backyard, only to encounter some yahoo with a drone buzzing your personal space,” […]

Bustle recently spoke with Tammy Shaklee, a leading LGBTQ matchmaker and president of H4M Matchmaking, about things that couples should keep private if they want to have a strong relationship. Here are her suggestions: 1. Financial or legal issues. Every couple will go through their share of financial ups and downs. If things aren’t going […]



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