The German automaker Volkswagen announced Thursday that it would cease production of its iconic Beetle in 2019. As The New York Times notes, the original Beetle was designed for Adolf Hitler in he 1930s. Despite this dubious origin story, the little car–as with the VW bus–became a symbol of 1960s American counterculture before it was […]

A Deadspin reader named Bill has a 50-year-old pal who’s getting married for the first time and wants to have a “raging, Hangover-esque bachelor party.” Bill says this has left he and some of his pals “rolling our eyes at the prospect of being the only guys in the strip club with gray hair.” So […]

Request your favourite song during OZFM’s Jigs and Reels (Call 576-OZFM or at ozfm.com), and you automatically qualify to win this week’s Jigs Prize Pack… From or friends at Breakwater Books: “Donald Brian: The King of Broadway” from Charles Foster; and “Too Unspeakable for Words” by Rosalind Gill The Irish Descendant’s CD, “is your rhubarb […]

Twitter users recently began discussing their favorite weird food combinations–and some of the things that people have come up with sound pretty questionable. Here are 10 (check out the full list at the link): -Pickles and peanut butter -Pizza with icing sugar -Nacho cheese Doritos on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich -Spaghetti and ranch […]

Let us see a picture of your fur baby!

Kristen Stewart has opened up how the Charlie’s Angels reboot she’s starring in will be a different take on the franchise. “The one I grew up with was so much fun, and you know, the re-imagining is so grounded and well intentioned and really shows the way women can work together now,” she tells Entertainment […]

Would you ride the Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland. The ride, opening in 2019, includes a 90 degree drop at a speed of 130 km/h! Plus, “Canada’s Wonderland will be magically transformed into a winter Wonderland full of enchantment and holiday cheer! Become immersed in the season’s spirit with spectacular holiday lights and décor, world-class […]


Stephen, Stephanie, and Hugh talk with NTV’s Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr about the incoming snow

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