Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest life satisfaction in the country, according to Stats Canada. Based on data collected from those 15 years and older, 61.7% of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians reported high life satisfaction. Measured on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being “very dissatisfied” and 10 being “very satisfied,” criteria for satisfaction […]

Theatre fans have until October to catch Come From Away on Broadway. Producers have announced that the Tony-award winning musical set in Gander on September 11th will be bringing the curtain down for the final time on October 2nd. “What we found: this community, the opportunity to spread love and kindness through our story, and all […]

A new face will be joining Brad and the By’s on the ice next year. Team Gushue announced yesterday that E.J. Harnden has been added as a permanent member. Hailing from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Harnden represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics, serving as second to skip Brad Jacobs. Canada would eventually win the […]

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there are probably some things you should keep private. Recently, a relationship expert shared some things that couples shouldn’t do in front of their friends, and they make a lot of sense. Don’t put each other down – jokes are fine, but be careful because your view of […]

Now that most COVID-19 restrictions have eased, many across this country are looking to appease the wanderlust they have been feeling for the last two years. As a result however, Service Canada has seen an unexpected boom in the amount of passport renewals and applications needing to be processed, leading to a long back-log and […]

The axe used by Jack Nicholson in The Shining has sold for $175,000. An anonymous buyer who is an avid fan of the Stanley Kubrick movie outbid 11 others to win the auction. Movie fans may remember the axe from the scene where Nicholson’s character busts a hole in a wooden door and shouts, “Here’s Johnny!” A 2013 study tracking heart […]

Listening to your kids is a good idea. Mom Fran Chelle posted an unsettling security video to TikTok (@franchelle0) and gained over 14.9 million views. In the video, Fran’s husband is putting their three-year-old son to bed when the child begins to fret and points to the Ring camera in his room. When his dad […]

This is pretty gross. Britain-based, plant-based pet food company OMNI is offering to pay a dog owner more than $6,000 to switch their pet’s diet for two months and keep track of their pet’s poop smells. Specifically, the company is looking for “a dedicated dog owner to sniff their dog’s poop, to test the effect […]

The Ottawa occupation caused some major problems for our nation’s capital. While hundreds of individuals set up camp and held Parliament Hill and the surrounding downtown core hostage, the day to day lives of the city’s citizens and businesses was put on hold. With the protestors now vacated, the City’s council put forward a motion […]



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