Author: Hugh Campbell

If you ask me, buying Halloween candy multiple weeks before October 31st is just inviting temptation into your house. Generally I try to wait as long as possible so I […]

Max from Austin, Texas, recently had his car stolen. However, when police returned the vehicle, it was filled with expensive merchandise! Max, who goes by @anxietytypebeat on TikTok, showed some […]

Climate change scientists have been doing research that links rising tensions between people to the weather and have found some interesting patterns. Now, of course it’s tough to measure how […]

If you’ve done any international travel since March 2020, you know that to cross the border, you’ve got to be properly documented. Being fully vaccinated and filling out the ArriveCan […]

Want to turn your girlfriend on? A Journal of Sex Research study reveals that women are attracted to men who do chores. The research involved 299 women aged 18 to […]

Social media is no good for your sleep schedule. I think that much is generally agreed upon, but the effects of screen time are especially apparent for pre-teen kids. According […]

Do you want to be a little bit taller? In the quest for a few more inches, some people are undergoing a radical surgery that requires both femurs to be […]

Is your girlfriend always borrowing your hoodie? A Tel Aviv University study might explain why! According to the study, men and women may have evolved to feel temperature differently to […]

Wednesday morning, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary held a media briefing to announce updates to the recent home invasions in St. John’s. Police have made two arrests in connection with the […]

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person? Probably. What about a message that’s more on the¬†intimate side of things? Well, if you’re like the average person, the […]



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