Author: Hugh Campbell

There have been a LOT of fast food fads over the years, and the people at MSN have compiled a selection of treats (mostly from the past) from every year from 1946 to 2000. Check out the list below and find out which fast food item came out the year you were born. 1946- soft […]

One week after Justin Bieber dropped his new single “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper, the pair have announced another joint venture together, this time to help fans in need. On Thursday, the singer and rapper each shared identical messages to their social media accounts explaining that they will be using Cash App to give away $250,000 […]

Let this be a warning to your sugar-addicted trick-or-treaters: A man in Massachusetts died recently after consuming a bag and a half of black licorice every day for weeks. Doctors said Wednesday that the 54-year-old construction worker’s heart stopped after all that candy threw his nutrients out of whack. That’s because licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, which […]

Announced on Tuesday for the first day of fall, Kraft Dinner is getting the pumpkin spice treatment and “it ain’t no basic batch.” According to a press release, “while Pumpkin Spice KD may be trolling the classic ‘PSL’, this spicy cheesy treat is very real and will come in a signature white cup with cinnamon spice topping.” […]

An anonymous couple is getting a lot of online hate for asking how expensive guest gifts were so they could give them a comparable wedding meal, according to Fox 5 News. A pic of the couple’s RSVP was posted to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum. The picture shows that the wedding couple have a four-tier wedding […]

A new space travel show plans to send a civilian contestant to space in 2023. Deadline reports Space Hero Inc., a U.S.-based production company, has secured a seat on a private (likely the SpaceX Dragon) rocket to go to the International Space Station. The contestant will be chosen through an unscripted show called Space Hero. […]

Announced Saturday afternoon, there are no new cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador. Two active cases remain. To date, 37,251 people have been tested. The last newly detected case was announced Friday and at the time, contact tracing for that individual was underway. Newfoundland and Labrador remains at Alert Level 2, and Dr. Janice […]

Dean MacDonald, the owner of the Newfoundland Growlers, has big plans for Mile One Centre. He wants to buy Mile One and give it a multi-million dollar makeover. He’s framing it as a win-win for the taxpayers, as the plan wouldn’t cost public funds and would get rid of the current subsidy. During an interview […]

I’m not sure how many people will actually take advantage of it, but Oscar Mayer is renting out their famous Weinermobile for proposals. If you’re thinking of popping the question and can think of nothing more romantic than a 27-foot branded vehicle, go for it. According to Oscar Mayer’s Instagram page, they’re willing to help […]

Taco Bell has entered the wine game. The franchise has launched their own Jalapeno Noir wine, available at select locations and online for $25. The release coincides with their new menu item, the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa, and is meant to be a pairing. “Wine and cheese are simply meant to be together, so launching a […]



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