Which restaurant has your favourite mac & cheese?

Even before Chick-fil-A added mac and cheese to their fast-food menu, there were other fast-food and fast-casual restaurant options for this comfort-food classic. Here are the top five choices, according to Eater:

  1. Noodles & Company. The noodle chain puts together the perfect mac and cheese, with just the right noodle-to-cheese ratio and a shredded cheese topping. They also offer a barbecue pork version of the dish with crispy jalapeños.
  2. Panera Bread. The chain uses a very rich white sauce instead of the Kraft orange, and it is very flavorful. Try it served from a bread bowl if you dare.
  3. Boston Market. Very similar in taste to the classic Kraft version, but with rotini noodles.
  4. Popeyes. A favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain, Popeyes is similar but slightly creamier version than the one offered by KFC, and sometimes the sauce can be on the watery side.
  5. KFC. Acceptable but basic version of the dish, although the noodles can occasionally be a little squishy.



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