What will cause you to send back food at a restaurant?

You’re entitled to have a great dining experience when you’re coughing up your hard-earned cash at a restaurant. But what happens when you get something you aren’t happy with? Here are some guidelines to help you decide when you should send food back, courtesy of Lifehacker:
  • Foreign objects are fair game. The most clear-cut and indisputable reason for sending food back is safety. One should definitely alert the staff to anything that could cause physical harm (even if that “harm” is just being really queasy).
  • Personal preference is not a legitimate reason. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s bad, or even that it was made incorrectly.
  • Be an adult and own your decisions. Use your words, and consider you may not know what you’re talking about. Take advantage of the staff’s expertise, and keep in mind that your expectations may be informed by your knowledge of the subject, and that that knowledge may be limited.
  • But what should you actually say? Just be polite. Your server is not the enemy. Most professionals want you to be happy with what you’ve ordered and you deserve to love what you’re paying for. But know that the experience has been tainted by many, many others who have abused the system.



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