What is the best board game of all time?

Game night! So whatcha gonna play? To this end, Post Grad Problems decided to rank some of the most popular board games, from best to worst. In their opinion, these five are the best:

  • Ticket to Ride. It’s easy to understand, it’s easy to play and it’s easy to win. It has the geography of Risk, the building of Catan and the smarts of Monopoly, and will most likely end without someone flipping the table. And at the end of it all, isn’t that the sign of a truly great time?
  • Settlers of Catan. The only reason it’s not #1, is because there’s a learning curve, which is why some people say it’s trash. These are the people who played once when they were sort of drunk, built some settlements on sheep (without a solid 2-1 trade) and wondered why people weren’t trading with them. Say it with me: “No one wants your sheep.” Really learn to play the game, and your life will be forever changed.
  • Pandemic. You know what’s great about this game? There’s no real winner. And as someone who craves winning as much as she craves oxygen, that’s a weird thing to say. But as a team game, you either all win together, or you all lose together. And when you’re fighting the board to try to stop the outbreak of deadly diseases, it feels pretty darn good to beat it.
  • Monopoly. This is about as classic of a game as you can get. Get $200 every time you pass Go, build some hotels and watch the poor schmuck who decided to buy Park Place go bankrupt thanks to your empire on orange. People understand it pretty quickly and assuming you have a spine and zero morals, you’ll make out pretty well. Still, it’s famously known to drag on forever (and ever and ever), and it ends up coming down to two people who just slowly chip away at each others’ finances and patience until someone just says “screw it” and tosses all of their money over.
  • Clue. This game has all the makings of a good time. An interesting board, the ability to screw with your friends, and the fact that you can take little breaks for snacks or tuning out when things get dull. The only problem? There are those Stratego-esk folks who stay alert the whole time and sit there with their little checklists open, watching your eyes and deducing what cards you’re showing other people. If you’re not a total brain, odds are you’ll only be halfway through figuring out the location when your friend who went to an Ivy is announcing that he knows the answer.


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