Stephen: Wu-Tang Clan and Ottawa teaming up for charity once again

The coronavirus “Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit,” which is why the Wu-Tang Clan wants you to keep your mitts clean with their new hand sanitizer. The rap collective revealed Wednesday on Instagram that they’ve partnered with plant-based wellness brand Jusu to launch “Protect Ya Hands” sanitizer, available in scents like “Chilling Chilling Spicy Citrus.” They also say that for every $20 bottle purchased, one will be donated to a homeless shelter in Ottawa. Why the capital of Canada? As the Staten Island-based rappers explain on their 36 Chambers website, “On April 2, [a] tweet from Wu-Tang Clan was sent out in support of a campaign for the Ottawa Food Bank. Within 48 hours, that action helped spur an additional $280,000 in contributions.”

The group has since started the A Better Tomorrow partnership with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson to raise funds for Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa Mission and the city’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Besides the sanitizer, Wu-Tang is also selling a $40 “OttaWu” t-shirt with the city’s name splashed across their bird-like logo. In a video, Wu-Tang frontman RZA says about the initiative, “What we’re doing today is an example for other communities, other cities, and may this seed that we plant today spread and multiply and may we all strive and succeed at making a better tomorrow.”



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