Stephen: Women faces backlash after live-tweeting airplane romance

Last week, Dallas woman Rosey Blair live-tweeted a meeting between two strangers sitting in front of her. The pair ended up sitting together because Blair asked the woman to change seats so she could sit with her boyfriend. The two have since been identified as former soccer pro Euan Holden and a woman named Helen. Blair even found their Instagram accounts and confirmed they were now following each other. Unfortunately, Helen had zero interest in being a viral sensation and has deleted her social media accounts. Holden said the two were very aware that Blair was taking photos of them and shared a video asking people to respect Helen’s privacy.
Meanwhile, The Atlantic reports that Blair encouraged her followers to find out more about Helen and even asked for a job at BuzzFeed. People who initially found Blair’s account of the meet-cute charming are now slamming her for continuing to milk the story. “Hey @roseybeeme, the plane girl deleted her social after being harassed as a result of your lack of boundaries,” one critic wrote. “Sis, this isn’t cute. It’s invasive and irresponsible. She doesn’t want to be famous. Seriously. Stop.”



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