Stephen: Which childhood hobby do you regret quitting?

Ryan Gosling has revealed that he regrets quitting ballet as a kid. “I had been training [in ballet], but never got to the point where I was comfortable with it,” the 36-year-old actor says in a new interview with Red Bulletin. “It was a struggle for me. I had an option to do ballet when I was a kid, but thought it was too girly. So I didn’t spend the time on it that I should have. But I really wish that I had, because it can bring such a benefit to your life.” As Us Weekly points out, Gosling previously said he still takes occasional dance classes during a 2011 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I’m terrible,” he admitted at the time. “Everyone is good except for me.”

I loved playing hockey when I was a kid but gave it up when I was about 12, and I regret it to this day. How about you? Which childhood hobby do you regret quitting? Call the OZ Line with your thoughts, 576-6936, or @OfficialOZFM on Facebook and Twitter!