Stephen: What’s your favourite commercial jingle?

There are some jingles that get stuck in your head for being completely annoying. Thankfully, MTV has compiled a list of nine jingles that are memorable because they’re actually good. Here they are:

-Education Connection. Pro tip: the new 2011 jingle is no match for the original version.
-Nationwide Insurance. Tori Kelly’s version should probably just be released as a single. The songs made at least six 30-second jingles, but none stand out more than the pirate jingle.
-Daisy Sour Cream. Take a moment to thank the creators of the “do the dollop” song.
-Band-Aid Brand. This jingle was written by none other than Barry Manilow.
-Dixie Ultra. Those backup vocals are angelic!
-Chili’s Baby Back Ribs. The iconic Chili’s Baby Back Ribs song has existed for a while, even popping up in movies and TV shows like The Office.
-Kars4Kids. The Kars4Kids song is actually the catchiest track ever written.
-J.G. Wentworth. No matter which version of the J.G. Wentworth jingle you’re watching, one thing remains contact: the star needs cash NOW.

To add some NL flavour, I’m gonna nominate Jungle Jim’s, Peter’s Pizza, and the old Tom Woodford jingles! What’s your favourite? Let me know by calling 576-6936 or @OfficialOZFM on Facebook and Twitter!



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