Stephen: What’s the best “powers out” activity?

A small-town police department in New York has a few suggestions for passing the time after a cable outage prompted thousands of people to call 911 complaining about having no TV or internet access. “Yes, the interweb is down. And the television..but please don’t tie up our lines to ask when your TV will come back on. We need those free for actual emergencies,” Ossining PD wrote Friday on Facebook after Optimum’s outage affected wide swaths of the Tri-State area. They then offered “a few suggestions” for what to do without a screen for entertainment. One suggestion read, “Baking: the king of non-digital activities is making cookies. Treat yo self!” Another was to “read,” because “school is back.” The cops even provided some helpful hints for winning at Uno: “Hit ’em with the draw four, then reverse ‘em, then change the color,” they wrote. “It’s not Facebook, but it’s pretty good.”

This story got me thinking – what’s the best activity for when there is a power outage? Uno is a pretty good one, even if it is by candlelight. Let me know your fav power outage activity by calling 576-6936 or @OfficialOZFM on social media!



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