Stephen: What’s a sure sign that you’re a grown up?

Twitter users are explaining how they realized they’d become a grown-up, using the viral hashtag “#YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen.” Here are 10 of the best responses (check the link for more):

  1. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen prunes start tasting good.
  2. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen all of your reading time occurs on a packed 8 a.m. train.
  3. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen Words don’t harm you anymore.
  4. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen You can wait until your birthday.
  5. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen you give SERIOUS thought to how you might feel tomorrow if you are invited to the pub tonight…
  6. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen every movie is a live-action remake of your favorite childhood animated films.
  7. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen you become the person paying for Netflix with a bunch of people watching for free.
  8. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen you get in a sticky situation and know that no one’s coming to save you.
  9. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen you get excited when gas prices go down like two or three cents.
  10. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen You realize people with no ambition are the only ones criticizing those chasing theirs.



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