Stephen: UK tequila bar attempts to become a church to stay open


Nottingham, England is under tight lockdown due to the spike in Coronavirus infections.  Groups larger than six can’t gather and most venues have to close for everything but takeout and delivery. That’s why the owner of 400 Rabbits, the city’s tequila bar, submitted paperwork to become the Church of The 400 Rabbits.  Places of worship are still allowed to gather and the bar owner wants his place deemed “a place of meeting for religious worship” so he can remain open. The owner said his attempt to turn his bar into a church started out as a joke “but comes from a serious place” since the restrictions means he’ll have to close for months. The church has a website where you can become a “Bunny Believer” for free or, for around $10, a “Reverend of Righteous Rabbits”.  The $10 will go to help feed and clothe Nottingham’s homeless.




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