Stephen: UK bans junk food advertisements before 9pm

Published on June 24th, 2021 @ 3:19 PM


The U.K. is set to announce a ban on junk food advertising online and  on TV before 9 p.m., starting in 2023, The Guardian reported. The restrictions on foods high in fat, salt and sugar is part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s efforts to combat growing obesity in the U.K.  The online part of the ban would affect all forms of digital marketing, including social media ads, paid-search results on Google and text promos. However, there will be some exemptions, such as brand-only advertising will still be allowed. That would be something like McDonald’s being able to advertise, as look as it doesn’t show junk food products. Additionally, brands will still be able to promote their products on their own websites and social media accounts. Small and medium-sized companies with less than 250 employees will be exempt.




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