Stephen: Twitter hopes to curb misinformation with crowd-sourced Birdwatcher moderation


Twitter unveiled a pilot program Monday (January 25th) in which a pre-selected group of volunteer users — 1,000 initially — will do crowd-sourced fact-checking to try to fight misinformation on the platform. Under the program, called Birdwatch, those users will flag and notate misleading and false tweets. Twitter said it wants both experts and non-experts involved in writing Birdwatch notes, pointing to Wikipedia as a site that does well with contributions from non-experts. Bad actors will of course try to misuse this system, and one of the things Twitter will do to help combat that is to give a “helpfulness score” to each Birdwatch note. The current labels and fact checks Twitter uses, mostly for election- and coronavirus-related misinformation, will remain. The pilot program will at first only be used in the U.S.




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