Stephen: Trump booed at second sporting event in a week

For the second time in less than a week, President Trump was roundly booed while attending a sporting event in a city he’s called home. His entrance this past Saturday at UFC 244 in New York’s Madison Square Garden may not have been quite as overwhelmingly bad as the chorus of boos he received the weekend before at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, D.C., but it wasn’t far off. While multiple outlets reported that Trump was met with both boos and cheers at the fight night, attendees who tweeted video of his arrival seemed to suggest the boos beat out the cheers. “The president is here and the boos are deafening,” one tweeted. Meanwhile, Trump later tweeted that any reports of boos are just “fake news,” while son Eric–who also attended the event, as did Don Jr.–tweeted, “The audience was chanting ‘Donald Trump, Donald Trump’ followed by ‘USA, USA.'”



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