Stephen: Tinder date fills woman’s shoes with beans, trashed apartment after being dumped

Published on April 4th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


This is a pretty extreme reaction to being dumped. A woman in England found out that sometimes scorned men are the ones to watch out for. Alisha Moy, age 20, came home to a huge mess after dumping Jordan Cobbold, 21, after the two dated for just a few weeks. Jordan filled her shoes with baked beans, threw spaghetti sauce around the room, ruined her clothing, and also cut the cords of her kitchen appliances.  She told Metro, “This was my first home and Jordan completely violated it. Thanks to him I suffer with trust issues now. I despise him.”

She says she met him on Tinder, and that things had gotten weird after they dated for a few weeks. After getting home and discovering the mess he’d made she says she called her mom crying, and contacted police, who arrested Jordan a few days later. She also spent a day and a half cleaning her apartment with the help of her family, but also had to repaint the walls and get the carpets professionally cleaned. Jordan was sentenced to a “two-year community order” and had to pay Alisha $2,294 in compensation and $557 in court costs, he was also served a five-year restraining order.




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