Stephen: Tiger King falls to His Airness as The Last Dance becomes most popular docuseries


Joe Exotic’s looking less exotic these days, as Bloomberg reports that ESPN’s The Last Dance has overtaken Tiger King as the world’s most popular docuseries. ESPN’s look at Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls has already become that network’s most-watched documentary of all time; outside of the U.S., The Last Dance is available for streaming on Netflix, and between both platforms, it averaged 6.1 million viewers for its first two episodes. Meanwhile, research firm Parrot Analytics looked at social-media impressions and other audience-interest indicators and says The Last Dance is one of the 20 most in-demand shows in the world this week, and the 11th-ranked show in the U.S. For those in the U.S. without ESPN, The Last Dance is also supposed to debut on Netflix’s U.S. platform this summer.




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