Stephen: The worst Halloween candy for your teeth

Published on October 13th, 2021 @ 3:19 PM


If you haven’t eaten any Halloween candy yet– good for you. As it turns out some types of candy are worse than others for your teeth. Dr. Hajera Ali is a dentist based in New Jersey and says gummy candy is the worst because it sticks to your teeth, takes a long time to chew, and often sticks in hard-to-clean areas. Caramels pose a similar threat since they’re sticky and take a long time to dissolve, and tacky candies, like Starburst, can pull on crowns and fillings.

Another candy to be weary of: lollipops. Dr. Joyce Kahng, another dentist, says, “Lollipops are also sneaky– they are not as sticky, but the activity of eating them takes a long time. The longer someone spends eating candy, the longer the mouth is in an acidic state, so it is best to keep these activities as short as possible.” Other candy to look out for: sour powder candies, and sugar-free candies, as both can be very acidic. Finally, the experts say chocolate is your safest option as it can be eaten quickly, dissolves quickly, and can be washed away easily from your teeth with brushing.




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