Stephen: The ultimate quarantine drinking game

Tired of being forced to stay at home due to coronavirus restrictions? Then get drunk! According to The Los Angeles Times, here’s how many shots you should take if any of the following things happen:

  1. Another haircut joke: Do 3 shots
  2. Amazon arrived early: 2 shots
  3. Gassy dog: 1 shot
  4. Gassy spouse: 2 shots
  5. Someone talks on mute: 1 shot
  6. Dad won’t come out of the bathroom: 3 shots
  7. No more flour: 2 shots
  8. Leaf blowers are back: 3 shots
  9. Spouse said, “I love you,” and you paused before replying: 7 shots
  10. It’s still today: infinite shots
  11. Naked toddler photobombs Zoom meeting: 2 shots
  12. Plumber not returning calls: 4 shots




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