Stephen: Tennessee couple wake up to strange dog cuddling in their bed

Published on May 17th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


Julie and Jimmy Johnson of Tennessee have three dogs of their own, but were surprised when a strange dog they did not own was cuddling with them in their bed. They woke up one night with a large tan-coloured dog they didn’t know sandwiched between them and quickly realized the dog posed no threat to them other than taking up the majority of the bed. Julie took the opportunity to snap some funny pictures of the utterly unique situation before posting them to social media and finding the dog, named Nala’s owners, who soon reached out to claim the cuddly pup as their own. Nala got off her leash before a thunderstorm and ran into the woods near the Johnson’s home, but was soon reunited with her owners, the Hawkins family. The Johnsons and Hawkins have since struck up a friendship and held a playdate for all four dogs.




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