Stephen: Technology-free hotels could be the wave of the future

Published on May 18th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


In 2018 hotel groups started noticing how our reliance on technology is a problem. Wyndham Grand was one of the first to notice, and back then, started to implement “phone-free zones” at pools and restaurants across several of its U.S.-based properties, even going as far as offering special perks and various discounts to those who honored the no-phone policy. Now, in 2022, “technology-free” is being sold as an amenity across several notable properties.

Sheldon Chalet, for example, doesn’t have any TVs, phones (except for the emergency system), or WiFi on the entire property. Owner Marne Sheldon says this is mostly due to the hotel’s location, on a nunatak ten miles from the summit of Denali in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater inside Alaska’s Denali National Park. Similarly, Wylder Hope Valley in California offers neither TV nor WiFi, with the exception of inn public areas. Eastwind, a boutique hotel located in Windham, New York, also considers its lack of technology a point of pride, as it lacks TVs. So are tech-free hotels the future? Tim White, CEO and Founder of MilePro says, “[It’s] an interesting trend, but very unlikely to become mainstream. The main reason is that one of the biggest revenue drivers for hotels is business travel. Data shows that business travel is recovering and it’s pretty obvious that business travelers will never stay at hotels that don’t offer internet or other tech accommodations.”




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