Stephen: Stinky flower causes garden centre staff to be accused of smoking weed

Published on April 5th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Liz Browne owns the Urban Jungle, a garden center in Norfolk, England. And she was mortified after seeing a review on Facebook saying her workers were “toking on the job.” But, she soon realized the smell people were mistaking for marijuana was actually coming from an exotic perennial plant called Fritillaria Imperialis. The yellow plant is famous for its bell-shaped flowers and notorious for its strong odor.

Browne responded to the negative review, which has since been removed, after noting, “The culprit is a plant that’s in flower at the moment called Fritillaria Imperialis. They’re amazing exotic-looking flowers [and] they’re hardy. They come up every year and then they disintegrate back into the ground. They do their thing, stink the place out and then they’re gone again. […] I’m not a cannabis expert but lots of people say it really smells like weed. We just say ‘yes it’s the fritillarias’ and that’s it. I’ve had customers comment about this over the past 20 years but when people have remarked, I’ve explained and that’s been it. I’ve never had anybody outraged.”




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