Stephen: Some of the best April Fool’s jokes online

A whole bunch of high-profile pranksters really got into the spirit of April Fools’ Day on Monday, with The Washington Post compiling a running list of (nearly) all the best and worst online pranks. Twenty-five of them are mentioned below; click on the link for many more:
  1. DJ Khaled isn’t TikTok’s new Chief Motivational Officer.
  2. T-Mobile isn’t disrupting talking on the cellphone by introducing a phone booth.
  3. Shutterstock isn’t opening a brick-and-mortar library for stock images.
  4. Halo Top isn’t launching an edible ice cream face mask.
  5. Lockheed Martin didn’t make a perfume that smells like outer space.
  6. The new Honda Passport isn’t the “Honda Pastport,” a car completely decked out in ’90′s-era technology and decor.
  7. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t retiring.
  8. FreshDirect isn’t selling cauliflower milk called caulk.
  9. RetailMeNot isn’t starting Dealchella, a festival for hardcore coupon fans.
  10. SodaStream isn’t launching a product to catch burps and turn it into seltzer.



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