Stephen: Should rager-esque bachelor parties have an age limit?

A Deadspin reader named Bill has a 50-year-old pal who’s getting married for the first time and wants to have a “raging, Hangover-esque bachelor party.” Bill says this has left he and some of his pals “rolling our eyes at the prospect of being the only guys in the strip club with gray hair.” So is 50 too old to have a monster bachelor bash? Drew Magary thinks it might be, writing, “If your buddy missed out on all RAGING because he married late, that’s his problem. You’re not obligated to try to re-create your twenties on his behalf. I’d rather go skiing or something, you know?…If a friend of mine was having a bachelor party and was like, ‘Dude, we’re gonna take long hikes, then have a nice meal and go to bed SUPER early,’ I’d be erect with pleasure.”



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