Stephen: Senior citizens become radio DJs from the comfort of their homes

Quarantined seniors have a chance to be a DJ for the first time with a new radio show, according to the AP. Radio Recliner is a new online radio show where seniors can act as DJs without leaving their homes. The hour-long show started in April with quarantined retirees in the state of Tennessee and has spread to seniors in assisted-living facilities in the states of Alabama, Georgia and others. Seniors are excited to take on the role of DJ, as social distancing rules isolate them even more from each other. Many who live in assisted-living facilities can no longer see relatives or even people who live in the same facility with them. Radio Recliner offers a chance to stay connected.
The idea came from Luckie, a marketing firm, who had a client who owned senior living properties. DJs were first recruited from those properties. Seniors record their transitions and introductions on their phones and those segments go to production staffers. Listeners can send in requests and dedication. “For this generation, radio was the original social media,” says a Luckie rep. “Dedicating a song to someone you love, and having them hear it along with everyone else, is a special way of connecting. It’s a great time to bring that feeling back.”



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