Stephen: Screaming could offer great stress relief


If you’ve been feeling stressed you might just want to scream, and you should, it could help you feel better. Avi Klein, a psychotherapist, says, “I think every emotion that we feel has a kind of correlating action that goes along with it. It feels really good or even healthy to discharge that emotion.” John Norcross is a professor of psychology at the University of Scranton and says that no matter how you vent your feelings out, it’s a good way to relieve tension. Klein notes that simply screaming won’t fix your issues, and you’ll still have to face whatever it is that is bothering you and work through it, even after taking the edge off. He advises that if you don’t feel like screaming all the time you should figure out what issues are giving you those emotions, and work on finding some healthier coping mechanisms for solving the problem.




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