Stephen: Rolling Stone’s Oscars drinking game


If you plan to tip a few back as you watch the Oscars on Sunday (responsibly), why not have a plan? Rolling Stone has put together a drinking game for the 2020 Oscars to help you navigate the red carpet highs and lows, the inevitable snarky tweets, and hopefully a Best Picture winner with a little more legs than Green Book. Here are some of the 2020 rules (you can see a few more at the link):

Drink the First Time:

  • If anyone presenting mentions they are not the host.
  • If the opening number includes awkward Joker-dancing.
  • If you hear the phrase “the magic of the movies.”
  • If a presenter or winner brings up diversity. Double-shot if they use it to promote their project.
  • If the camera cuts to the adorable face belonging to Roman Griffin Davis.
  • If anyone makes a joke about the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Drink EVERY time:

  • A speech turns political.
  • A winner says visit a web address to get more information about his/her pet political cause.
  • A winner refers to his/her project as “a labor of love.”
  • The words “powerful,” “important” and/or “brave” are used.
  • A winner name-checks their fellow nominees.
  • Someone tells their kids watching at home that it’s time to go to bed now.
  • 1917 wins a technical award for which it’s nominated.
  • Parasite does not win an award for which it’s nominated.
  • Someone mentions how “funny” Marriage Story is.
  • Someone butchers the name of the cast, the crew, or anyone associated with Parasite.
  • Brad Pitt makes reference to any of the following in his acceptance speech: pot-smoking, past relationships and marriages, Tarantino’s genius, his costars’ feet, Leo, his dad, how it’s really all about the work, how his fellow actors inspire him, or how you personally inspire him.
  • A person (or group) who has hosted awards shows presents an award and absolutely kills it, reminding you why most awards shows have hosts in the first place.
  • Two presenters who you might not expect to pair well with each other absolutely nail it.
  • A British acting nominee fails to show up.
  • The In Memoriam montage lets through just enough live sound to give you a sense of who people are really clapping for.
  • Someone on Twitter complains about someone being left out of the memoriam segment

Bonus Round Drink If:

  • Renée Zellweger wins Best Actress for Judy and she gives a speech that seriously makes you wonder if she’s still in character.
  • Adam Driver runs out of the theater when they play his clip from Marriage Story.
  • Someone makes a joke about Jojo Rabbit’s new imaginary friend being Donald Trump.
  • Someone makes a reference to Jennifer Lopez somehow not being nominated for Hustlers.
  • The whole ceremony is just one continuous shot, until 1917 is announced as Best Picture.




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